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radia VERTICAL ILLUMINATION C3 Lighting’s Remote Power and Control Technology is at the heart of a unique wall mounted fixture for the Patient Rooms and Classrooms of the Future. When installed at the head of the bed it provides bright LED illumination for reading and up-lighting to wash the wall and ceiling above the patient with either ambient or dawn-to-dusk illumination. Membrane wall switches, pillow speaker controls, iPhones and iPads provides the patient convenient control of their lighting. These fixtures also enable designers, architects, manufacturers, integrators and lighting professionals to illuminate white boards or other classroom wall areas. The scope and diversity of uses for the fixture, combined with it's inherently safe low voltage design, energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, shallow profile and perfectly even illumination make it ideal for integration with other C3 Lighting Advanced Classroom Fixtures to maximize classroom illumination. Available for: (find your application below) C L A S S R O O M Example of part number: 5 COLOR TEMP H E A L T H C A R E SPECIFICATIONS HOUSING: Extruded Aluminum Sides and Aluminum Backplate. Flange units are provided with ceiling trim. LENS: 1/8” White Acrylic Lens. CIRCADIAN ILLUMINATION: Circadian/Dawn-to-Dusk - 590nm-amber to 16,000K (extreme blue-white). ELECTRICAL: Aluminum J-Box with current limiter provided for Class 1 power. J-Box is optional for Class 2 power. FINISH: Agion Antimicrobial White Powder Coat. WARRANTY: Refer to COLOR TEMP DOWN AMBIENT COLOR TEMP DOWN READING COLOR TEMP DOWN EXAM G 4,200K w/ Green Light Option Class 1 Power** with current limiter Class 2 Power no j-box (Contact factory for more size options) Class 2 power with j-box 4 5,000K ** Class 1 power only applies to shielded or RF/EM sensitive environments

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C L A S S R O O M SPECIFICATIONS HOUSING: Extruded Aluminum Housing. LENS: 1/8” White Acrylic Lens. ILLUMINATION: 6,000K. ELECTRICAL: Aluminum J-Box with current limiter provided. J-Box is optional for Class 2 power. FINISH:White Powder Coat. WARRANTY: Refer to COLOR TEMP Wall Mount Class 2 Power no j-box Class 2 power with j-box 006-060 (57.60-watts) 006-072 (69.12- watts) 006-096 (92.16- watts) (Contact factory for more size options) MOUNTING 07 - WALL MOUNT 37.000” Mounting Screw

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RADIA VERTICAL ILLUMINATION Electrical (Based on 1 LED per sq. inch) Note: Does not include a DC Power Supply! LED 90K Hour Life Draw: 24VDC, 1.44A, 34.56 (6" X 36"), +/- 10% Diffuser/Lens 1/8" Translucent White PMMA Acrylic Diffuser Accessories (Sold Separately) - Power Distribution: Helius 24VDC Remote Power Distribution Module (See Power & Controls) - Hard Lid Grid Adapter Kit: Specify fixtures for ceiling grid mount. One kit required per fixture, 2'x2' and 2'x4' only. Controls (If Dimmable) DMX switch(es) by C3 or DMX control(s) by others (512a DMX Protocol only) (See Power &...

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RADIA VERTICAL ILLUMINATION All results in accordance to IESNA LM-79-2008: Approved Method for the Electrical and Photometric Testing of Solid-State Lighting. FIXTURE DATA ZONAL LUMEN SUMMARY LUMINANCE DATA

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