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Available in a variety of sizes, Spectro Backlighting Kits consist of an array of ION™ Solid-State Light Engines mounted onto an aluminum backplate, pre-wired and configured to meet Class 2 electrical safety requirements. These Kits enable designers, architects, manufacturers, integrators and lighting professionals to create new applications for LED illumination. The scope and diversity of uses for the Spectro Backlighting Kit combined with its inherently safe low voltage design, energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, shallow profile and perfectly even illumination makes it ideal for integration into architectural lighting, signage products, gaming, vending, beverage dispensing machines exhibit displays, as well as many other architectural and commercial lighting applications. agion Example of part number:SL COLOR TEMP # OF LEDs    _SIZE_ MOUNTING SL 554-012-048-00-WA-2-S ■ HEALTHCARE    CLASSROOM | ARCHITECTURE SPECIFICATIONS MOUNTING PLATE: 0.025 Aluminum. ELECTRICAL: Class 2, 24V power only. ILLUMINATION: RGB, RGBA, RGBW, 2,000K, 3,000K, 3,500K, 4,200K, 5,000K, 6,000K, or Tunable-White. BACK-PLATE FINISH: White powder coat. WARRANTY: Refer to COLOR TEMP WIDTH    LENGTH Healthcare Tunable-White (3,000K-6,000K) Classroom Lighting Presets Specify area to be backlit in inches (may be specified in 3" increments)

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Perspective View For more size options please contact factory All dimensions in INCHES - weight in LBS

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All dimensions in INCHES - weight in LBS C3 Lighting, Inc. ©2017    2907 S Croddy Way, Santa Ana CA 92704    714.545.5985    090517 Edge to edge of backplate Bottom of backlplate to top of PCB connector Low-voltage Class 2 (100VA or less) per Kit Evenly illuminated diffused panel surface, provided there is a minimum of 2 INCHES between diffused surface and LED panels

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