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Operator's Manual Code Checker

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2 Operator's Manual for the following products Family Code Checker CC4 Edition: 03/2016 - Part No. 9009289 This documentation as well as translation hereof are property of cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG. The replication, conversion, duplication or divulgement of the whole manual or parts of it for other intentions than its original intended purpose demand the previous written authorization by cab. Trademark Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. Editor Regarding questions or comments please contact cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG. Topicality Due to the constant...

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Instructions Important information and instructions in this documentation are designated as follows: Danger! Draws your attention to an exceptionally grave, impending danger to your health or life. Warning! Indicates a hazardous situation that could lead to injuries or material damage. Attention! Draws attention to possible dangers, material damage or loss of quality. Notice! Gives you tips. They make a working sequence easier or draw attention to important working processes. Gives you tips on protecting the environment. Handling instruction Reference to section, position, illustration...

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Safety Instructions • Disconnect the printer from the electrical outlet before mounting or removing the code checker. • Warning stickers must not be removed, as then you and other people cannot be aware of dangers and may be injured. • The device may only be used in a dry environment, do not expose it to moisture (sprays of water, mists, etc.). • Do not use the device in an explosive atmosphere. • Do not use the device close to high-voltage power lines. • Perform only those actions described in this operating manual. Work going beyond this may only be performed by trained personnel or...

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Technical Data for printer type Reading distance Reading angle Codes per label Check functions GOODBAD VERIFY Table 1 Checking the readability Checking the readability and comparing the result with the data received Technical data Programming cablabel S3 Jscript Aztec Codabar Codablock F Code 128 A, B, C Code 39 Code 39 Full ASCII Code 93 Data Matrix EAN / GS1 Datamatrix EAN / UCC / GS1 128 EAN / UPC Appendix 2 EAN / UPC Appendix 5 EAN 13 EAN 18 /SSCC 18 EAN 8 GS1 Data Bar HIBC Ident- u. Leitcode Dpost AG Interleaved 2 / 5 ITF 14 JAN 13 JAN 8 Micro PDF 417 MSI Plessey PDF 417 Postnet PZN...

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Unpacking XX Check stacker for damage which may have occurred during transport. XX Check delivery for completeness. Contents of delivery: • Present sensor with trigger input • Scanner with retainer • Operator's Manual • User's Manual Colibri incl. CD • USB Cable Configuration Scanner • Test record with adjustment parameters Notice! Please keep the original packaging in case the printer must be returned. Attention! The device and printing materials will be damaged by moisture and wetness. XX Set up label printer with code checker only in dry locations protected from splash water. Mounting...

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Adjusting distance and angle In order to adapt the code checker to the code to be checked the scanner may be adjusted : Notice! If the device was factory-adjusted the adjustment parameters can be found in the test record. Adjusting the reading distance • Adaptation to size and resolution of the code XX Loosen knurled screw (2). XX Move the upper part of the retainer (1) with scanner. XX Tighten knurled screw (2). Adjusting the reading angle • Adaptation to the position of small codes on the label XX Loosen knurled screw (3). XX Turn the scanner (4). XX Tighten knurled screw (3). Notice! The...

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Code Checking with JScript Commands list +VERIFYn Optional parameter for printer barcodes. This parameter allows the printer to verify that the printed data are identical to the data sent. «n» read offset in Y-position seen from the top of the barcode. +GOODBADn Optional parameter for printer barcodes. This parameter allows the printer to verify the barcode readability, without verifying the data content. «n» read offset in Y-position seen from the top of the barcode. ,GOODBADn Optional parameter for graphic barcodes. This parameter allows the printer to verify the barcode readability,...

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Code Checking with cablabel S3 Pro To use the code checker with cablabel S3 Pro : Code checking with cablabel S3 Pro XX Right-click on the barcode and select "Barcode" Code checking with cablabel S3 Pro XX Click on "Verifier". XX Activate parameter "Enabled" XX Select "Goodbad" or "Verify". XX Change the read offset if necessary. Notice! For printer barcodes both types of verification are available. For graphic barcodes only the option « Goodbad » can be used.

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Operation XX Insert transfer ribbon and labels. Insert the labels for peel-off mode  Operator's Manual of the printer. XX Install the power and computer connections. XX Switch on the printer. XX Press the feed key to start the synchronization. Remove the blank labels peeled-off during synchronization. XX Send a print job in peel-off mode.  Programming Manual or software documentation. The first label will be printed. When the code to be checked reaches the scan area, the scanner will be triggered. • If the check result is positive, the label can be removed from the peel position....

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