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EOS1 and EOS4

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Label printer series Made in Germany

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Overview types EOS, one concept - two sizes Type B with tear-off edge For use in tear-off mode, label needs to extend by min. 30mm. Label printer Print resolution dpi Print width up to mm Print speed up to mm/s Label rolls Ø mm Type C with cutter Labels or continuous material are cut at a height of min. 10 mm. The modular cutter may be added in the field. Label printer Print resolution dpi Print width up to mm Print speed up to mm/s Label rolls Ø mm preferably winded outside Type P with dispensing function Label height when dispensing is 20 - 100 mm. The dispensing module may be added in...

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• The new EOS series combines all functions of a solid industrial printer with highest ease of operation. the compact for small work space. For label rolls up to 155 mm diameter. for label rolls up to 210 mm diameter. All technical data identical with EOS1. • Three USB interfaces connect a standard PC keyboard, scanner or USB memory stick. • The big, clearly laid out touchscreen LCD display is easy to operate. • In stand-alone mode the label data is entered via keyboard directly into the printer. A PC is not necessary any more. • Due to the high-tech electronics, the intelligent printhead...

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Tear-off edge Tear-off edge made out of steel sheet with sawtooth to ensure a perfect tear-off. Touchscreen – LCD display Clearly designed for highest ease of use. Three USB interfaces 2 USB interfaces on the operation panel, 1 USB interface on the back side for memory stick, keyboard, scanner, WLAN or Bluetooth. Roll holder The label roll is inserted and centered automatically when closing the cover. Ribbon retainer The stop is adjustable to the ribbon width. Gap or reflective label sensor The sensor position is adjustable by the red knob via a spindle. The set position is displayed with a...

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Technical data Printhead Printing method Thermal transfer/Thermal direct Print resolution dpi 203 / 300 Print width up to mm 108 / 105,7 Print speed mm/s 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 125 Material1) on rolls or fanfolded Paper, cardboard, textiles, Thickness mm Width mm Height2) mm plastics such as PET, PE, single lane 10 - 116 Labels 0,055 - 0,7 6 - 1000 PP PVC, PU, acrylate, PI , multi lane 5 - 116 liner paper 60 - 110 g/m2 0,055 - 0,10 25 - 120 endless cardboard 80 - 180 g/m2 0,10 - 0,20 6 - 120 Contiplastic film PVC 0,30 6 - 60 nuous 10 - 1000 0,50 6 - 30 material flat pressed tubes 0,40 - 0,70...

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Accessories Product External roll retainer EOS Roll diameter up to 400 mm, core diameter from 38 mm, winding outside or inside, roll weight max. 4 kg Print roller DR4-25 For small and thin materials up to a width of 25 mm. Print roller DR4-50 For very thin materials from a width of 20 up to 50 mm. As small labels may cause friction between printhead and print roller it is recommended to use in this case narrow print rollers with a width of 25, respectively 50 mm. . 2.3 Cutter EOS1 C Cutter EOS4 C Field installable 2.4 Dispensing module EOS4 Field installable 2.5 Standard keyboard USB...

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Software tools T 10, 10,0,5,pt20;sample Text object/font: Swiss bold, 20 pt A 1 Number of labels (in this example 1) Direct programming with J-Script JScript is the programming language for cab printers. The printer language is easy to understand and to program. JScript is described in the programmer's guide and can be created with any text editor. SAP Printer Vendor Program Create labels replace file into with SAPScript Replace files and integration in SAP R/3* In cooperation with SAP cab developed the so-called „replace method" to control cab printers quickly and easily from SAPScript...

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Printer drivers formfe fonts GLUttm Ccmnyxfa Import Ejuisit sstlj^s feoU OpLOns | MvmdSrtif ] Djrtcrg 1 Stack* ] PtwMnay j OptiomngruHwn: upturn Enll*l>m>f" I £(hfi«id*m«4s« r Interval fj«d*s x Etiktlt), 1 ftctrtrBrispcrt irrmsr f>PO Vision WHQL certified Windows printer driver for Windows Vista Our printer drivers are officially certified and signed by Microsoft. They ensure optimum stability on your Windows operating system. Alternatively, cab offers a CUPS-based printer driver for programs using Mac OS X. Linux driver Alternatively, cab offers a CUPS-based printer driver for programs...

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Stand-alone operation Printing without PC Stand-alone operation is the ability to print labels even if the EOS printer is not connected to the host system. The label layout is designed with a special label software or direct programming via PC. Label formats, fonts, font-, text- and graphics data as well as data base contents are saved or read on the USB stick or internal data memory IFFS. Only variable data to be printed is sent to the printer via keyboard or host. Additionally, data sent by a barcode scanner or scale can be processed. Easy maintenance Printhead 203 or 300 dpi The...

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Delivery program Part no. EOS1 with tear-off plate Label printer EOS1 / 200 B Label printer EOS1 / 300 B External roll retainer EOS EOS4 with tear-off plate Label printer EOS4 / 200 B Label printer EOS4 / 300 B EOS1 with cutter Label printer EOS1 / 200 C Label printer EOS1 / 300 C Standard keyboard USB German version EOS4 with cutter Label printer EOS4 / 200 C Label printer EOS4 / 300 C EOS4 with dispensing function Label printer EOS4 / 200 P Label printer EOS4 / 300 P WLAN USB stick 54 Mbps Nano Bluetooth USB Adapter V2.1 Database Connector license Administration Network Manager Label...

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cab delivery program Label printer EOS1 The compact for label rolls up to 155 mm Ø Label printer EOS4 The cost-effective for label rolls up to 210 mm Ø Label printer MACH4 The versatile for a smooth workflow Label printer A+ series The universal Label printer A+ M With centered material guide Label printer XD4 Double-sided printing Textile printer A4+T For textile material Label printer XD4T Double-sided printing of textile material Label printer XC4 Two-color printing Label printer XC6 Two-color printing Label dispenser HS Precise and easy dispensing in horizontal direction up to a width...

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