Fiber Laser FL10 and FL20


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Fiber Laser FL10 and FL20 - 1

Marking Laser FL10 / FL20 Made in Germany.

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Fiber Laser FL10 and FL20 - 2

Diode Pumped Ytterbium Fiber Laser With the air cooled Ytterbium fiber lasers cab supplements the delivery program of high resolution, diode pumped marking lasers. They mark on steel, aluminum, various plastics and many further materials with high beam quality and output power up to 20 watts. Laser Source Max. cw power Pulse energy Laser type Cooling Wavelength Beam quality M2 Pulse width Pulse frequency Pilot laser Length fiber connection Laser safety class Scan head Mounting Scanning speed Weight Dimension h x w x d Plano Sperical Lens F-Theta Working distance mm Marking area mm Spot...

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