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Hermes+ floor stand 1601 and 1602

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Floor stand For the mounting of any labeling systems of the Hermes+ series into a production line. Due to the various adjusting possibilities the Hermes+ can be positioned in 3 axes to the labeling product. Pivoting also possible. Floor stand 1601 Hermes+ Floor stand 1602 Hermes+ Preferred application: Operation of the Hermes+ in different lines. The floor stand is mobile and can be adjusted and locked at the operation site with the adjustment legs. Preferred application: Frequent adjustment of the labeling position in height and depth. Due to the rack regulation system the Hermes+ can be positioned in X-and Y-axis to the labeling product via handwheels. Technical data Base frame Adjustment of height Adjustment of depth Load max. kg at a horizontal extension of 500 mm Weight kg Max. labeling height about mm Floor stand 1601 Hermes+ Guide rollers and adjustment legs Screw clamping Screw clamping Floor stand 1602 Hermes+ Adjustment leg Gear rack / crank handle Gear rack / hand wheel Labeling in transport direction top down laterally Labeling diagonally to transport direction top down laterally Examples printer installation

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