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Print and Apply System Hermes+ Made in Germany

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Hermes+ - 2

Applications No matter how you turn it Apply bottom to top, top to bottom or from either side: The Hermes+ prints and applies in any installation position and can therefore be integrated in all kinds of production lines. Host connection or stand-alone operation The Hermes+ is the result of more than 30 years of product Software tools are available for most enterprise-wide hardware. development and technical know-how. The system is especially Direct programming is possible by using the cab printer language designed for fully-automated print and apply processes in pro- J-Script. Label layout,...

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Hermes+ - 3

Type overview Hermes+ Hermes+2 - 2 Label roll Ø 205 mm Label width up to 58 mm Print resolution dpi Print width up to mm Print speed up to mm/s Label roll Ø Label width up to Print resolution dpi Print width up to mm Print speed up to mm/s Label roll Ø 205 mm Label width up to 114 mm Print resolution dpi Print width Hermes+4 up to mm Print speed up to mm/s Print width Hermes+4.3 up to mm Print speed up to mm/s Label roll Ø 305 mm Label width up to 114 mm Print resolution dpi Print width Hermes+4 up to mm Print speed up to mm/s Print width Hermes+4.3 up to mm Print speed up to mm/s Hermes+6...

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Hermes+ - 4

Technical details Large graphic display White backlight guarantees clarity of display. The printhead can be exchanged easily. Depending on the fitting position the display can be turned in steps of 90°. Printhead Adjustments and setups are not necessary. Ribbon saver It is used for labels which are to be only partially printed. Simple, interactive menue control. Applicable functions The printhead is lifted off in the plain area and the ribbon are illuminated. Menue handling is easy to comprehend. 3 Ribbon retainer is stopped during label feed. 9 Transport system The threepart tightening...

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Hermes+ - 5

Ethernet 10/100 Base T-interface with TCP/IP Slot for Wireless LAN-card Two USB-Master-interfaces to connect an external operation panel, keyboard, scanner or Service Key Slot for memory card CompactFlash Type I Connection for warning light Indicates the display and the printer status Green Ready for operation Yellow Prewarning end of label, end of ribbon Red Printing or applying error Connection main valve for air pressure: On / off signal for compressed air supply Connection external E-stop In connection with a main valve this interface allows to cut-off the compressed air supply in case...

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Hermes+ - 6

Software tools Direct programming with J-Script The printer language is easy to understand and simple to integrate into your host system. Variable data is linked with host applications. Label design, graphic data and fonts are recorded on the CompactFlash card. The host computer sends only variable data to the printer. T 10, 10,0,5,pt20;sample Text object/font: Swiss bold, 20 pt A 1 Number of labels (in this example 1) In cooperation with SAP, cab developed the "replace method" in order to controll the cab printers with SAPScript from SAP R/3, As a Silver Level partner in SAP's Printer...

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Hermes+ - 7

Printer driver WHQL-accredited Windows printer driver for Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows 8 Windows Server 2012 Our printer drivers are officially accredited and signed by Microsoft. They offer highest stability on your Windows operating system. The programs Word, Excel, Access, Corel Draw etc. permit the design and printing of labels. Microsoft® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Label software cablabel R2+ A powerful label software for free, specially designed for cab printers and print & apply...

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Hermes+ - 8

Technical data Label printer Printhead Printing method Print resolution dpi Print speed up to mm/s Print width up to mm Material Labels on rolls Thickness mm / weight g/m2 Width Labels1) mm Width carrier material mm Label height1) when dispensing mm Media roll: Total Ø up to mm Core Ø mm Roll / Adapter Roll Winding direction Ribbon Ink Roll diameter up to mm Core diameter mm Ribbon length variable up to m Width3) mm Ribbon saver Internal Total diameter up to mm Core diameter mm rewinder Dimensions Height mm Label roll Ø 205 mm Label roll Ø 305 mm printer Depth mm Label roll Ø 205 mm Label...

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Hermes+ - 9

Technical data Standard Operation panel Settings Test routines Buttons / Pause, Feed, Cancel, Menü, Enter, LED-display: 4 x Cursor LCD-graphic display: Width 60, Height 40 mm Text 4 lines, ca. 20 characters per line time date digital or analog clock 25 language settings system settings print parameters interfaces security Warning if: End of ribbon Stop printing if: End of ribbon Printhead open On the display Data reception Clock WLAN field intensity Date sheet Ethernet state abc debug Used memory Input buffer Temperature printhead Remaining quantity of ribbon Access to memory card System...

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Hermes+ - 10

Long operating life The linear caged ball guide is precise and wear resistant. Variable product heights The lift cylinder allows labeling in different heights. It is standard available in 200/300/400 mm length. Others dimensions on request. High process reliability The supporting air jet streaming and the vacuum as well as the cylinder speed are adjustable and monitored via sensors. 5 Real time application Applicators for small and big labels permit the application of labels with a height of 4 - 250 mm Protective cover As a standard, cylinder and guide are protected by a cover. cab offers...

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Hermes+ - 11

Applicators for Hermes+2 and Hermes+4 For the precise applying in real time of very small to medium sized labels. With horizontal precision With horizontal rotary cylinder With adjustable horizontal guide in feed direction to (angle of rotation 90 other Y direction to enable the labels to above the peeling, the liner be moved to both directions by directly transfers the label to lifting cylinder. difficult installation positions. the tamp pad. The precision guide enables the labels to be applied or blown on the product with great accuracy. Transfer method Label width mm Hermes+2 Hermes+4...

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