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Label dispenser HS and VS - 2

Label dispensers - Model overview Two dispensing directions Two versions are available so as to ensure that the labels can be removed properly for every use. HS Horizontal dispensing direction VS Vertical dispensing direction for label rolls with bottom leading print image for label rolls with top leading print image Peel off the label upwards from its bottom edge and stick it to the product. Peel off the label forward from its upper edge and stick it to the product from the shortest distance possible. Particularly suitable for larger labels as the adhesive side is already directed to the...

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Label dispenser HS and VS - 3

Easy operation and precise label dispensing for a great price Every label size can be dispensed easily using the HS and VS dispensers. The labels can be stamped or cut without any space inbetween. You can use any outside shape whether cornered or round. Transparent material can also be dispensed. 2 Operation panel Use the operation panel to select various operating modes. This allows setting the feed supply rate to either "slow" or "fast". Labels are fed automatically after removal, by pressing a control key or upon an external signal. A counter indicates how many labels have already been...

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Label dispenser HS and VS - 4

Technical data Common technical data Dispensing direction Label orientation - print image Labels Materials Feed supply rate up to mm/sec Label roll: outside diameter up to mm core diameter mm weight max. kg winding direction Rewinder Liner outside diameter up to mm Label sensor Scanning Distance to leading edge mm A mm Pre-dispense B mm Operation panel Device indicator "ON“ Error Selector switch label feed automatic or on demand Control button with label feed on demand Selector switch feed supply rate LCD display label counter Control button reset label counter Display dispensing via...

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Label dispenser HS and VS - 5

cab product range at a glance Label printer EOS1 The compact one for label rolls up to 155 mm diameter Label printer EOS4 The cost-effective one for label rolls up to 210 mm diameter Label printer EOS mobile Both EOS sizes with battery pack for mobile print Label printers A+ series The universal ones Label printer A4+M With centered material positioning Label printer A4+T With centered material positioning also for textile materials Label printer XD4T Double-sided printing Label printers XC series Two-color printing Label dispensers HS/VS Precise horizontal or vertical dispensing up to 180...

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Label dispenser HS and VS - 6

Headquarter and fabrication in Germany There are furthermore 820 distribution partners in more than 80 countries. Germany cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14 76131 Karlsruhe phone +49 721 6626 0 fax +49 721 6626 129 USA cab Technology, Inc. 87 Progress Avenue Unit 1 Tyngsboro, MA 01879 phone +1 978 649 0293 fax +1 978 649 0294 South Africa cab Technology (Pty) Ltd. 14 Republic Street Bordeaux 2125 Randburg phone +27 11 886 3580 fax +27 11 789 3913 cab Produkttechnik Sömmerda GmbH Am...

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