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laser marking Diode-Pumped Ytterbium Fiber Lasers

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Laser Marking Edition 4.0 Diode-Pumped Ytterbium Fiber Lasers Made in Germany

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Using marking lasers is economic, when it comes to precisely and durably mark smallest components up to larger parts. The benefits of laser marking are manifold. The most significant are: Marking lasers of the FL+ series are designed for a wide range of applications. The process allows stationary as well as onthe-fly marking on metal or plastic parts in various industries: • Focusing in smallest spaces, as laser beams allow enormous energies to be bundled. • Medtech: For example machine-readable codes on medical or surgical instruments. According to the guidelines for “Unique Device...

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Marking laser FL+ - Applications cab FL+ marking lasers are primarily used for the processing of metal and plastic parts. Different methods are commonly used depending Ablation of the material through evaporation with very high energy density that produces a deep marking with contour sharpness. An additional color change depending on the alloy or chemical composition improves the readability of the marking contents. QR codes for traceability Cast parts Traceability in sterilization processes Is mainly used with high-alloy, stainless steels and with titanium. Laser annealing creates a color...

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Precise, fast, economic Performance and quality of a marking mainly relies on the output power and the laser beam‘s focusing. cab marking lasers FL+ are diode-pumped, air-cooled and offer highest beam quality and pulse peak power. An output power of the laser source of 10 up to 50 Watt is available. Different plano-spherical lenses allow the lasers to mark in a field of 69x69 up to 290x290 mm. The lasers are used to mark on plastic, metal and color-coated surfaces. The marking lasers FL+ consist of two fiber coupled functional modules: The scan head and the control unit with integrated...

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Marking laser FL+ Technical data Tower Rack Marking laser Laser source cw output power max. W Pulse energy mJ Wave length nm Beam quality M2 Pulse width ns Pulse frequency kHz Fiber coupling m Scan head Mounting Marking speed mm/s Pilot laser Control panel Key switch Laser source ON/OFF ON/OFF Push button pilot laser shutter open OPEN/CLOSE Laser source active Indicator emission laser error Laser source error ready Laser source ready power Power supply ON pilot laser ON shutter open Safety circuit open USB mini Connector service data memory USB Operating data FL+10 FL+20 FL+30 FL+50...

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Marking laser FL+ – Accessories Plano-spherical lenses For bundling the laser beam to focus energy on one spot. Lenses with marking fields in different sizes are available. The smaller the marking field the higher the resolution. Marking field Working distance Plano-spherical lens Working distance Marking field Spot diameter ^ = Resolution Mounting plate Is used to tightly screw the tower housing on a base plate or a frame design. 3.5 Mounting plate FL+T 144 Dimensions Width mm Depth mm 460 Thickness mm 6 Laser protection windows Is used to be built in housings or doors for monitoring the...

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Laser label marker LM+ The laser label marker allows to precisely mark and cut labels in different sizes out of continuous material without the need of additional tools. The labels can then be separated via cutter or rewound by using an external rewinder. External rewinder Mobile cart Cutter Technical data 5.1 5.2 Laser label marker LM+160.1 LM+254.1 Working area HxWxD mm 5x160x190 Positioning accuracy mm 0.2 Transport speed mm/s 200 Interior light LED Die cut or continuous Material thickness mm 0.055-0.3 weight up to g/m2 500 width mm 25-120 Label height max. mm 180 Roll outer diameter...

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Laser safety housing LSG+65 The laser safety housing LSG+65 offers a professional solution that allows an easy and fast marking of single workpieces and small series. The desktop version provides enough working space even for larger workpieces. The manual operation door is balanced. Keyboard and monitor may, as an option, be installed in an ergonomic way on a pivot arm. Suction hose Laser safety housing Working area Hx Wx D mm Base plate T-slot WxD mm Pitch mm Z axis stroke mm Positioning accuracy mm Interior light Operating door For plano-spherical lens type Marking field mm Working...

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Laser safety housing LSG+100 7.1, 7.2 The laser safety housing LSG+100 offers the industrial solution that allows the marking of parts in series with the FL+ marking laser. The robust metal design provides a large working area and enough space for the integration of laser source and industrial PC into 19“ rack mounts. Keyboard and monitor are installed in an ergonomic way on a pivot arm. The operation door opens and closes pneumatic driven. Round table module on request 7.1 7.2 Laser safety housing LSG+100 230 V LSG+100 120 V Working area Hx Wx D mm 460x980x980 Groove plate T-slot WxD mm...

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Laser safety housing LSG+100 Setup door The large setup door allows easy access to the laser safety housing LSG+100. By this, jigs may comfortably be mounted on the groove plate in the well-lit working space. Linear axis Z400 Allows precise and fast focus adjustment. With buttons integrated in the control panel the linear axis is traversed in setup operation. Linear axis X400 Allows to precisely position user-specific jigs or pallet carriers with a maximum weight of 50 kg. Linear axis Traversing distance Positioning accuracy Repetitive accuracy Traversing speed Dimensions HxWxD Load...

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Laser typeplate handling THS+ The laser typeplate handling THS+ allows to durably mark flat parts as e.g. typeplates or marker sheets made of plastics or metal. Designed for the processing of nameplates for motors, pumps, control cabinets, and others it is used for applications in demanding industrial environments where the contents needs to be clearly legible even after years. Two different designs are available: Type 1 “THS+Basic” Plates or other flat parts up to a thickness of 4 mm are individually inserted into a jig, fed after start, marked and then automatically rejected. Type 2...

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