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MACH4 Label Printer Made in Germany

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Product type overview for MACH4 B with tear-off plate A minimum label height of 30 mm is required for it to be torn off. 1.1 Printer Print resolution dpi Print width up to mm Print speed up to mm/s P with tear-off plate and dispensing function The label height on dispending is 20 – 200 mm. 1.2 Printer Print resolution dpi Print width up to mm Print speed up to mm/s C with tear-off plate and cutter Labels or continuous material can be cut at a height of just 12 mm. 1.3 Printer Print resolution dpi Print width up to mm Print speed up to mm/s All information on scopes of delivery, design and...

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Key features • ACH4 offers all the features of a high M class industrial printer with a wide application range. • abels and ribbons can be inserted from L the front. The print mechanism and housing are made of premium materials and are perfectly harmonized in their form and function. • asy and comfortable handling and high E reliability were the requirements during development. The large display with white backlight offers optimum readability. • he navigation pad with the additional T “Enter” button simplifies operation, with only the operated functions being displayed. • he centered label...

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J Cover with large window Can be opened wide. The integrated cushioning mechanism ensures smooth closing. The label stock is visible at all times. ^ Media hub The roll is inserted into the media hub and centered automatically. Materials of different widths fit easily within the box. ^ Ribbon retainer The ribbon can be slid onto a ribbon supply hub with spring mounted brackets. It can be centered with a movable flange and a positioning indicator. The ribbon can be inserted quickly and easily into the print mechanism. ^ Print mechanism It can be opened at the push of a button and offers easy...

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Ethernet 10/100 Base T interface with TCP/IP. Slot for wireless LAN card. • entronics bi-directional interface acc. to IEEE 1284. C RS422/RS485 interface 1,200 to 230,400 Baud/8 Bit. The interfaces are plugged into the PC. Connection to the printer via mini USB connection cable. Two USB master interfaces for connecting an external operation panel, keyboard, scanner, USB flash drive or service key. Slot for CompactFlash Type I memory card. • abel selection – I / O box. L Up to 16 different labels can be loaded via PLC from a memory card. Operation of four inputs/outputs via Basic...

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11 Limitations may apply to small labels, thin materials or strong adhesives. Critical materials or applications must be tested and approved. 21 The ribbon should be roughly the same width as the label in order to avoid folding.

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Operation and compliance with CE standards is only warranted by using materials provided or recomme

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Label software cablabel S3 11.9 cablabel S3 concentrates label design, print control and monitoring of all cab marking systems. The development of devices and software is synchronized. Highlights Like no other software available cablabel S3 develops the full potential of cab devices. The software utilizes the JScript code to the full extent. The Pro product imports existing JScript files, so you can switch over easily to new software. With the new layer technology the user designs a label which works for all established devices and resolutions. Intelligent print control evaluates both...

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No printer is isolated – in a productive environment it is connected to other equipment or networks for control and monitoring. cab offers various possibilities to integrate the printer into your environment. Control Every cab printer can be directly coded with the simple programming language JScript and an extensive instruction set. The label software cablabel® S3 supports optimally JScript, but a JScript program may also be created with any text editor. As an integrated element of the firmware, the abc Basic compiler enables the printer to process data via BASIC programming before it is...

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Label software cablabel S3 Lite cablabel S3 Pro 1 WS cablabel S3 Pro 5 WS cablabel S3 Pro 10 WS cablabel S3 Pro 1 additional licence cablabel S3 Pro 4 additional licences cablabel S3 Pro 9 additional licences cablabel S3 Print 1 WS cablabel S3 Print 5 WS cablabel S3 Print 10 WS cablabel S3 Print 1 additional licence cablabel S3 Print 4 additional licences cablabel S3 Print 9 additional licences cablabel S3 Print Server Programming manual english, printed copy

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Product overview Label printers MACH1/2 in the lower price segment Label printers MACH4 where little space is available Label printers EOS1 desktop device for label rolls up to diameter 155 mm Label printers EOS4 desktop device for label rolls up to diameter 210 mm Label printers A2+ industrial device up to print width 57 mm Label printers SQUIX industrial device up to print width 108 mm Label printers A6+ industrial device up to print width 168 mm Label printers A8+ industrial device up to print width 216 mm Label printers XD4T for double-sided printing Label printers XC for two-color...

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Germany cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14 76131 Karlsruhe phone +49 721 66260 fax +49 721 6626 129 France cab Technologies S.a.r.l. 2a Rue de la Moder Z.A. Nord du Val de Moder 67350 Niedermodern phone +33 388 722501 fax +33 388 722502 Taiwan cab Technology Co., Ltd. ****WfcJfcft*J**fl 16F-1, No. 700, Jhong Jheng Rd Junghe, Taipei 23552 phone +886(02)8227 3966 fax +886 (02) 8227 3566 cab (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. Room 39, 10F, 8 Lin He Zhong Rd Tian He District, Guangzhou...

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