PCB Magazines Series 100 / 180 / 300 - 5 Pages

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PCB Magazines Series 100 / 180 / 300

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There is a system behind it The cab PCB magazines can be filled when standing vertical or laying horizontal. The system is totally adjustable for width and can be assembled according to your individual requirements. For different size PCBs we offer PCB magazines with a height of 100, 180 and 300 mm. All magazines have 32 slots, each with a 10 mm clearance between them, thereby providing maximum use of available space. Secure The precision molded slots are funnel shaped at each end to simplify the insertion of each circuit board. The location of each mounting slot is shown by yellow and white positioning strips. These enable boards to be loaded while avoiding the risk of being loaded by hand in the wrong position. Retractable carrying handles Consecutive numbering and color coding Document clamp Double sided rack wall Support bar ensures heavier PCBs Profiled rail Clearance to protect protuding components cab | 9

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Fast and easy assembly The magazine walls can be secured to the profiled rails in any position required. Two identically sized circuit boards are inserted between the walls, into the adjustment slots at the extreme ends of each wall. The second wall is then pressed firmly onto the boards and screwed tight. Rigid and stable The magazine walls are constructed in sandwich form, and are therefore particularly rigid. For heavy mechanical and thermical force the magazine walls can additionally be reinforced by the use of a steel rod. Stackable At the corners of each magazine are male and female...

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with 32 slots Flexing of the magazine walls under loading When the PCB Magazine is correctly assembled, each side wall may flex less than 1,0 mm, to ensure a secure mounting of the PCB. The measurements were using 16 circuit boards, with a clearance of 20 mm between each other, and a weight per board of 500 g. Upon request, a copy of the test report is available. Critical loading can occur as follows: 1. When the magazine is laid on its side on a flat surface, and then lifted. 2. When being transported in the vertical position, and the position is changed to the horizontal. The length of...

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Delivery program PU = packaging unit Part No. 8910050 8910102 83 mm Description Rack Wall 100 Rack Wall 100 reinforced Rack Wall 100 with drilling for Slot Lock Weight PU 1 PU 2 0.28 kg 1 pieces 30 pieces 0.40 kg 1 pieces 30 piece Rack Wall 180* Rack Wall 180* reinforced 0.53 kg 1 pieces 30 pieces 0.65 kg 1 pieces 30 pieces *incl. Drilling for Slot Lock Rack Wall 300 Rack Wall 300 0.7 kg 1 pieces 18 pieces 0.7 kg 1 pieces 18 pieces with drilling for Slot Lock Profiled Profiled Profiled Profiled Profiled Profiled Document Clamp Support Bar 100 Support Bar 180 Support Bar 300 The profiled...

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cab offices 520 partners in over 80 countries cab maintains a presence in the world's major economic areas. For current data, please refer to www.cab.de Germany cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG Postfach 1904 76007 Karlsruhe Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14 76131 Karlsruhe Telefon +49 721 6626-0 Telefax +49 721 6626-249 www.cab.de info@cab.de Further partners on request France cab technologies s.a.r.l. 67350 Niedermodern Téléphone +33 388 722 501 www.cab.de/fr info.fr@cab.de USA cab Technology Inc. Tyngsboro MA, 01879 Phone +1 978 649 0293 www.cab.de/us info.us@cab.de South Africa cab Technology...

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