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Pcb magazines series 600-700

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for automated assembly lines 1 Locking knob for stacking purposes 3 Consecutive numbering on the rack walls for easy feeding 4 The precision spindles ensure the parallelism of the rack walls during adjustment 5 The gear belt allows for quick adjustments in seconds Automation Requires Precision Precision, stability and flexible handling are important features for the use of the PCB Magazines in automated assembly lines. The stable and robust frame construction guarantees a long lasting use of the cab magazine in your production. The rack walls are manufactured from conductive material. Metal magazine For high mechanical or temperature use we offer the magazine with metal rack walls.

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Series 600 - Width adjustment by screw clamp The series 600 is cost effective alternative with a simple width adjustment. By backing off the four screw clamps the moveable rack wall can be pushed to the necessary PCB width. Series 700 - Width adjustment by gear belt Handling different PCB sizes the magazines have to be adjusted to the PCB width quite often. The PCB Magazines of the series 700 are adjusted to the necessary PCB width within seconds. Protective cover Permastat® ESD protective cover, stable and tearproof, protects the PCBs in the magazine from contamination. Magazine locked...

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Delivery program / Dimensions Temperature Steel sheet Width Length External D C measurements L W H min. max. max. kg mm mm mm mm mm mm Gear belt Reverse operation Cover/ basem. The PCB-magazines xxx.1 and xxx.2 are delivered half-assembled. Assembled magazines can be ordered with additional article numbers. All metal magazines are delivered complete mounted: 60X.3-series reversible version, 70X.3-series stackable version. DL31001 Assembled with staple neps Assembled for reserve operation Material side wall Polystyrene Polycarbonate Metal* ESD Protection cover Permastat conductive discharge...

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Special magazines cab supplies special magazines on request for specific applications. Please contact us. Twin magazine for long PCBs The PCB magazines are mounted with torsion resistance so that you can, for example, safely store and transport PCBs with a length of up to 787 mm in two PCB magazines of type 702.2-2. Rack wall material: polycarbonate. Delivery: fully assembled. Triple magazine for long PCBs The PCB magazines are mounted with torsion resistance so that you can, for example, safely store and transport PCBs with a length of up to 1187 mm in three PCB magazines of type 702.2-3....

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Special magazines Double capacity through parallel slide-in units A series 600 magazine can hold up to 100 PCBs. PCB magazines with 2 side-by-side slide-in units can be used for holding narrow PCBs. Rack wall material: polystyrene, polycarbonate, metal. Low height PCB magazines with a low height, for example, for use in annealing furnaces. Reducing the height also prevents overloading with heavy PCBs, or if goods holders are used. Rack wall material: metal. Gear belt Temperature Insertions Slide-in lock Lock the slide-in units to prevent components being damaged during loading. In the...

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cab delivery program Label printer EOS1 The compact one for label rolls up to 155 mm diameter Label printer EOS4 The cost-effective one for label rolls up to 210 mm diameter Label printer EOS mobile Both EOS sizes with battery pack for mobile print Label printers A+ series The universal ones Label printer A4+M With centered material positioning Label printer A4+T With centered material positioning also for textile materials Label printer XD4T Double-sided printing Label printers XC series Two-color printing Label dispensers HS/VS Precise horizontal or vertical dispensing up to 180 mm width...

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Headquarter and fabrication in Germany There are furthermore 820 distribution partners in more than 80 countries. 1 2 3 Germany cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14 76131 Karlsruhe phone +49 721 6626 0 fax +49 721 6626 129 info@cab.de www.cab.de France cab Technologies S.à.r.l. 2a Rue de la Moder Z.A. Nord du Val de Moder 67350 Niedermodern phone +33 388 722501 fax +33 388 722502 info.fr@cab.de www.cab.de/fr Latin America Alejandro Balmaceda Hacienda Jurica Pte 1615 Colonial de Valle 32553 Ciudad Juárez phone +52 656 682 3745 fax +52 656 682 4301 a.balmaceda@cab.de...

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