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Products for the Electronics Made in Germany

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All information on scopes of delivery, design and technical specifications printing. Subject to change. For current data see website

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Off-cut Remover HEKTOR 2 Technical Data Separation type Punch blade Operation by hand PCB thickness max. 2.5 mm Air connection 1/4“-plug-in coupler Operating pressure typical 4 bar Temperature/ Operation + 5 - 40°C / 10 - 85% Humidity 0 - 60°C / 20 - 80% Storage + not condensing Transport  – 25 - 60°C / 20 - 80% Weight 2.7 kg Dimensions H x D x W 170 x 255 x 220 mm Approvals CE, FCC class A Hektor separates milled PCBs carefully and fast. The off-cut material is removed smoothly and precisely. The matrix consists of two parts. This ensures easy and cost-saving change of the blades....

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Technical Data Separation type Component side circular blade Solder side circular blade Operation MAESTRO 2 MAESTRO 2M Separation speed 2M Separation length Mains voltage 2M by hand motor-driven 100/200/300 mm/s 15 - 300 mm 240 VAC, 50 Hz 110 VAC, 60 Hz Temperature/ Operation + 5 - 40°C / 10 - 85% Humidity Storage + 0 - 60°C / 20 - 80% not condensing Transport  – 25 - 60°C / 20 - 80% Weight MAESTRO 2 16 kg MAESTRO 2M 19 kg Dimensions H x D x W 330 x 620 x 195 mm Approvals CE, FCC class A The pre-scored grooves can be interrupted by cutouts with a length of up to approx. 5 mm. Save Operation...

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Technical Data Separation type Component side Solder side Operation Separation length Material Temperature/ Operation Humidity Storage not condensing Transport Weight Dimensions H x D x W Approvals Maximum height of components next to the groove. The PCB is placed with its pre-scored groove onto the linear blade and the circular blade is then drawn by hand across the PCB. The clearance between the upper guide and the linear blade is adjustable to ensure that the PCB is only separated in the pre-scored groove. The pre-scored grooves can be interrupted by cutouts with a length of up to...

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Technical Data Separation type Component side circular blade Solder side linear blade Operation Separation speed Material optimized motor driven 300/500 mm/s switchable FR4, Aluminum Solder and component sides up to 34 mm 200 mm Traverse to starting position 9 1 – 5 0.9 mm up to 0.05 mm Release program selection up to 99 km Reset step count ON / OFF START Operation Emergency stop 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz LpA < 70 dB (A) + 5 - 40°C / 10 - 85% + 0 - 60°C / 20 - 80%  – 25 - 60°C / 20 - 80% 38 kg 46 kg 434 x 425 mm 702 mm 852 mm CE, FCC class A 200 Increase in external dimensions after...

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Conveyor belt Conveyor Belt The separated PCBs are placed individually on the conveyor belt, and transported out to the side of the machine. The speed is adjusted according to the size of the PCB. A light barrier at the end of the conveyor belt detects the arrival of PCBs and stops the belt. Technical Data Material conveyor belt Direction of belt travel Belt speed Light barrier 600 antistatic to the right 5/6/7/8/9 m/min. can be activated for belt stoppage Vertical clearance to linear blade Maximum PCB width Weight Width of belt Length Approvals For separating aluminum with the MAESTRO 4S...

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PCB Separator MAESTRO 5L The MAESTRO 5L can be used cost-effectively if large numbers of pre-scored PCBs have to be separated. It can simultaneously separate up to ten PCBs positioned side by side. The maximum passage width is 310 mm. The distances and number of circular blades are adjusted to match the PCB. The blade shafts are stable and precisely machined to ensure clean separation of the PCBs. The circular blades are hardened, ground and titanium coated for a long service life. The PCBs are inserted into the guide by hand, or automatically by a loading station or an external conveyer...

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Technical Data with motorized 100 - 220 mm/s in in 10 steps Length of PCB panel with light barrier activated with light barrier de-activated Width of PCB panels Width of-cut Height of components Number of circular blades Width of PCBs Display 100 - 570 mm > 2000 mm max. 310 mm min. 3 mm Component side max. 30 mm Solder side max. 10 mm max. 11 on each blade shaft up to 300 mm - Separation speed - Separated length or numbers of PCB panels - Start, stop, reverse - Setting of separated speed - Detection of separation length - Accumulation in front of and behind the blades - Stop the end of the...

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Resulting from the ease of use and low procurement cost the universal cutter is economically viable even for small quantities or samples. Technical Data Breadth of Cut Material Highest Quality of Cut Self-sharpening blades guarantee more than one million cutting cycles when used correctly. The upper blade can be swung up by hand. A material blockage can easily be cleared. The blades can also be easily exchanged or cleaned. Each blade has two cutting edges. Simply by turning them over, the life of the blades is doubled. Both feed rollers are motor driven to protect the material surface and...

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In conjunction with a roll holder and unwinder, the FS 100 cuts a wide range of materials with a total weight of up to 30 kg. Roll holder Enables reels or spools of up to 600 mm in diameter and up to 30 kg in weight to be used. Technical Data Seating axis Total diameter Spool weight Unwinder Provides an additional material feed and is recommended for reels or spools which weigh more than 4 kg. Thereby any variation in the length of cut material will be avoided. Technical Data Material Width Material Thickness Feed Rate Electrical connection Description Universal cutter FS 100 Roll holder...

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There is a system behind it The cab PCB magazines can be filled when standing vertical or laying horizontal. The system is totally adjustable for width and can be assembled according to your individual requirements. For different size PCBs we offer PCB magazines with a height of 100, 180 and 300 mm. All magazines have 32 slots, each with a 10 mm clearance between them, thereby providing maximum use of available space. Secure The precision molded slots are funnel shaped at each end to simplify the insertion of each circuit board. The location of each mounting slot is shown by yellow and...

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