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Patient Treatment Verification System Patient Identification Module (PIM) Main features High security Uses complex vein patterns in the open palm Advanced authentication algorithm based on 5 million reference points Difficult to forge, requires active blood flow Unique identification (even in case of twins) Traits do not change for entire lifetime Template is stored as an (128 bit) encrypted key in database, biometric data kept inside sensor Certified CE - class IIb medical device Product safety standards Usability standards Speed, accuracy and applicability Fast and easy enrolment : under 1 minute Fast, easy and secure verification under 1 second Vein patterns are very stable biometric characteristics and are safe from outside injury FAR (False Accept Rate) : 0.00008% FRR (False Reject Rate) : 0.01% PIM is available in 3 modules Registration module Verification module Waiting room module PIM verification workstation PIM registration workstation Information Core System Table height reset Hospital Information System Central database Override Portable handheld scanner

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