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LEGENDS With a distinct nod to tradition, the Cabot Wrenn Legends Collection consists of timeless and luxurious upholstery. Every chair, ottoman and multi-seater is handcrafted by skilled artisans with beautifully grained, Grade A wood frames and 500 hand-selected leathers. The Legends Collection translates the elegance of fine living to hospitality and business environments and takes care to create furniture that is easily maintained, exceptionally durable and aesthetically conducive. 2015 Please visit our website,, for latest product updates. 2

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5852-1 Travelers Chair H:32.5 W:32.75 D:33 / Inside: W:21.5 D:23 AH:23.25 SH:18.75 Shown with T & UU Nail. Standard with A & AA Nail.

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5783-1 Adirondack Chair H:35.5 W:36.5 D:34.5 / Inside: W:24.75 D:21.5 AH:23.75 SH:19.25 Optional ribbed belt leather available on front panel as shown.

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LOUNGE 1235 Lennon Chair H: 35 W: 34 D: 38 / Inside: W: 18 D: 22 / SH: 20 AH: 24 1233 Lennon Sofa H: 36 W: 83 D: 39 / Inside: W: 67 D: 20 / SH: 20.5 AH: 24

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4354 Sloane 3-Seat Sofa H:36 W:86.5 D:39 / Inside: W:69.5 D:22 / SH:20.5 AH:25.25 Shown with optional gimp and nails spaced

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2865 Camelback 3-Seat Sofa H:37 W:84 D:33 / Inside: W:64 D:21 / SH:18 AH:31 Also Available: 2864 Camelback Tufted Back Loose Cushion

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8172 Chesterfield Tufted 3-Seat Sofa H:30 W:77 D:35 / Inside: W:60 D:22.5 / SH:18 AH:27.5 Also Available: 8170 Chesterfield Chair 8171 Chesterfield Tufted 2-Seat Sofa 8173 Chesterfield Tufted 3-Seat Sofa

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024 Plantation Ottoman H:18.5 W:48 D:48 Shown with optional nail treatment. Standard with A Nail head-to-head.

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9317 Tivoli Tufted Chair H:39 W:26 D:30 / Inside: W:17.5 D:19.5 / SH:20 AH:27 Also Available:9318ST Tivoli Tufted/Manual Lift Casters are for decorative purposes only

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104-30 Malone Barstool H:44 W:19.5 D:23.5 / Inside: D:16.5 / SH:30 Also Available: 104-24 Counter Height Standard with Dark English Antique footrest. 153-30 Steele Farm Barstool H:43.5 W:20.75 D:25.5 / Inside: W:20.5 D:20 / SH:30 Swivels and returns. Also Available: 153-24 Counter Height Standard with Dark English Antique footrest. 149-30 Mirad Swivel Barstool H:43.5 W:19.25 D:19.5 / Inside: W:19.25 D:15.25 / SH:30 Swivels and returns. Also Available: 149-24 Counter Height Standard with Dark English Antique footrest.

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SWIVEL TILTS 5470ST-PL Greyson Swivel Tilt Chair H:45.75-48.75 W:28.5 D:33.75 / Inside: W:19.25 D:21.75 SH:20.75-23.75 AH:27-30 Swivel Base A, Caster 1

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SWIVEL TILTS 8909ST Stafford Swivel-Tilt Chair H:40-43 W:25 D:27 / Inside: W:19 D:19.5 / SH:18-21 AH:26-29 Also Available: 8909ST-PL Stafford Pneumatic Lift

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SWIVEL TILTS 9090ST Noland Swivel-Tilt Chair H:43-46 W:26 D:28 / Inside: W:18 D:17.5 / SH:19.5-22.5 AH:26-29 Also Available: 9090ST-PL Noland Pneumatic Lift

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7056 Restoration Lounger H:40 W:32.5 D:36 / Inside: W:21 D:21 / SH:20.5 AH:25 Distance from wall to fully recline: 17.5 7045 Metropolitan Lounger H:40 W:35 D:39 / Inside: W:21 D:21.5 / SH:20.5 AH:24.5 Distance from wall to fully recline: 17 7054 Ritz Lounger H:39.5 W:30 D:39.5 / Inside: W:22 D:22 / SH:21 AH:23 Disatance from wall to fully recline: 17

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1073 Laney Recliner H:42.5 W:32 D:38.25 / Inside: W:21 D:21.25 / SH:20.5 AH:25 Distance from wall to fully recline: 18 1065 Sinclair Recliner H: 40.5 W: 29.25 D: 38.5 / Inside: W: 20.5 D: 21 SH: 20 AH: 23.75 Also Available: 1065-B Sinclair Bustle Back Recliner

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7033 Justice Lounger H:40 W:29 D:41 / Inside: W:19 D:21 / SH:20.5 AH:24 Distance from wall to fully recline: 17 NC7000 Ghent Recliner H:40 W:34 D:39 / Inside: W:22.5 D:20 / SH:20 AH:25.25 Distance from wall to full recline 18” Less for TV viewing. Fully extended: 65” 7106 Rugby Lounger H:39 W:32.5 D:40 / Inside: W:20.5 D:20.5 / SH:21.5 AH:24.25 Distance from wall to fully recline: 16.5” Less for TV viewing. Fully extended: 68

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INDEX Numerical Index 020 Hollis Bench P27 149-24 Mirad Swivel Barstool P37 941 Lahaye Armless Chair P36 149-30 Mirad Swivel Barstool P37 153-24 Steele Farm Barstool P37 991-C Ritz Game Chair P1 043 Plantation Tufted Bench P28 153-30 Steele Farm Barstool P37 298-SG Cagney Swivel Glider P46 463-S Addison Swivel Chair P47 1065-B Sinclair Bustle Back Recliner P49 498-SR Cagney Swivel Rocker P46 625-S Crosby Swivel Chair P47 1298ST Berwind SwivelTilt Chair P39

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INDEX 1744 Chancellor Tufted 3-Seat Sofa P22 2893ST Kensington Swivel-Tilt Chair P40 3802ST Norfolk Swivel-Tilt Chair P38 2802ST Kensington Tufted SwivelTilt Chair P40 3818ST Senators Tufted Swivel-Tilt Chair P41 2806ST Director’ s Swivel-Tilt Chair P44 2812ST Hamilton SwivelTilt Chair P44 1907 Petra Armless Dining Chair P35 2862 Camelback Tufted 2-Seat Sofa P23 2863 Camelback Tufted 3-Seat Sofa P23 2864 Camelback Tufted Back Loose Cushion P23

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5498-S Cagney Swivel Chair P46 5625-S Crosby Swivel Chair P47 6113-Q Brogan Quilted Chair P4 5699-1 Raul Wing Chair P6 6120-1 Shellback Club Chair P21 6120-3 Shellback Tufted Sofa P21 5738ST-PL Sebring SwivelTilt Chair P41 6197 Pheobe Armless Chair P36 5460T Neko Tufted Chair P2 6198 Pheobe Dining Chair P36 5470ST-PL Greyson Swivel-Tilt Chair P41

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8316 Georgetown Tufted Chair P31 9005 Jockey Chair w/ casters P32 8319ST Washington Swivel-Tilt Chair P41 8604ST Norfolk Tufted Swivel-Tilt Chair P38 8605ST Randolph Swivel-Tilt Chair P45 8171 Chesterfield Tufted 2-Seat Sofa P24 8323ST Jefferson Swivel-Tilt Chair P39 8611ST English SwivelTilt Chair P43 9029ST Runyon SwivelTilt Chair P43 8172 Chesterfield Tufted 3-Seat Sofa P24 8345 Lexington Chair (upholstered) P34 8173 Chesterfield Tufted 3-Seat Sofa P24 8346 Lexington Chair (wood) P34 8311ST Washington Tufted SwivelTilt Chair P41 8347 Cane Back Chair P34 8909ST Stafford Swivel Tilt Chair...

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9090ST-PL Noland Pneumatic Lift P43 9116ST Graham SwivelTilt Chair P38 9403ST Freeman SwivelTilt Chair P44 9855ST Wrenn SwivelTilt Chair P45 9118ST Graham Tufted Swivel-Tilt Chair P38 9856ST Wrenn Tufted Swivel-Tilt Chair P42 9619ST Hall Swivel-Tilt Chair P42 9142 Hepworth Tufted Chair P33 9619ST-PL Hall Pneumatic Lift P42 9751 George III Tufted Wing Chair P7 9316ST Tivoli Swivel Tilt Chair P40 9317 Tivoli Tufted Chair P32 9318ST Tivoli Tufted/ Manual Lift P32

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