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[ EN ] c OUNTE R Cabot Wrenn Lounge Seating & Tables fuse the brand’s signature contemporary styling with the utmost in quality and comfort. Ideal for reception and lounge areas, Cabot Wrenn designs set the aesthetic tone and create a sensory experience reflective of the environments and consequently, the businesses that surround them. Image is key and Cabot Wrenn makes the perfect first impression. Please visit our website,, for latest product updates.

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 5805-2 Bridge 2-Seat Sofa / 5805-3 Bridge 3-Seat Sofa TUG 5810 Tug Lounge Chair w/ Metal Legs / h31.5 w29 d31 inside: w22.5 d19.75 sh19.5 ah26.5

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 5818-2 Window 2-Seat Sofa / 5818-3 Window 3-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 5431-2 Serpentine 2-Seat Sofa Also Available: 5905-1 Sorensen Lounge Chair w/ Maple Wood / 5905-3 Sorensen 3-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 4752-2 Transition 2-Seat Sofa / 4932 Transition Reduced Depth Chair 4932-2 Transition Small 2-Seat Sofa Tight Back / 4932-3 Transition Small 3-Seat Sofa Tight Back Also Available: 4912-3 Transition Open Arm 3-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 5533-2 Mood 2-Seat Sofa / 5651 Mood Fully Upholstered Lounge Chair 5533-3 Mood 3-Seat Sofa / 5651-2 Mood 2-Seat Sofa Also Available: 5308-O Diego Ottoman / 5453 Diego Armless

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 5454-2 Diego 2-Seat Sofa 5455-2 Diego 2-Seat Sofa w/ Oval Arms / h44.75 w52.75 d37 inside: w43.25 d21.5 ah25 sh17.75 Also Available: 5455-3 Diego 3-Seat Sofa w/ Oval Arms

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Lounge / tables Fusion 5433-2 Fusion Open Arm 2-Seat Tight Back / h31.5 w49 d31 inside: w43 d19 ah26.25 sh19 5433 Fusion Open Arm Chair Tight Back / h31.5 w29 d31 inside: w23 d19 ah26.25 sh19 Also Available: 5433-3 Fusion Open Arm 3-Seat Sofa Tight Back

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Lounge / tables 4048-S Fusion Reduced Size Lounge Chair with Wood Arm Caps Tight-Back / h32 w26.5 d31 inside: w21 d17.75 ah26 sh18.5 Also Available: 4048BCC Fusion Bariatric Chair / 4048CC Fusion Chair w/ Wooden Arm Caps 4048 Fusion Lounge Chair with Wood Arm Caps / h32.25 w31.5 d30.75 inside: w21.5 d18 ah26 sh18.5 4048CCB Fusion Chair Bariatric w/ Wooden Arm Caps / 4048CCC Fusion Chair w/ Wooden Arm Caps Also Available: 4033 Fusion 2-Seat Sofa / 4034 Fusion 3-Seat Sofa / 4032BCC Fusion Bariatric Chair Fully Upholstered 4048CCCC Fusion Chair w/ Wooden Arm Caps / 4048-S-CR Fusion Reduces...

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 5432-2 Luxe II 2-Seat Sofa Also Available: 5525-3 Ascend 3-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables 4060 Tuscany Open Arm Slat Back Lounge Chair / h31 w28.5 d29.5 inside: w24 d18.5 ah24.5 sh18.5 Also Available: 4063 Tuscany 2-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 5751-3 Sway 3-Seat Sofa Also Available: 5742-3 Sage 3-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 5683-2 Audrey 2-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Link 5426-CT Link Center Table / w22 d28 h9 - Shown with Link Chairs 5426 4918 Get Together Radius Modular Lounge / h30.75 w30 d28.5 inside: d19 sh18 GT273011 Get Together Square Front Modular Table / h11 w30.25 d25.875 Also Available: 4936 Get Together Square Lounge / GTR273011 Get Together Radius Modular Table Also Available: 5426-2 Link 2-Seat Sofa / 5426-3 Link 3-Seat Sofa / 5517-2 Link 2-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Roxanne Wooden Back Also Available: 5802-2-W Roxanne 2-Seat Sofa w/ Wooden Back / 5802-3-W Roxanne 3-Seat Sofa w/ Wooden Back Also Available: 5802-2-W Roxanne 2-Seat Sofa Fully Upholstered

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Also Available: 4781-2 Collegian 2-Seat Sofa / 4781-3 Collegian 3-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables 4006 Lumos One Arm w/ Bolster Pillow / h27.25 w60.75 d25.5 inside: w55 d25.5 sh18 Also Available: 4001 Lumos Armless 3-Seat Sofa 4007 Lumos Armless Bench / h18 w50.75 d25.5 Also Available: 4002 Lumos Bench w/ Arms / 4000-O Lumos Corner Ottoman

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Lounge / tables 1255TAR-C Devo Lounge Chair w/ Right-Side Sitting Tablet Arm & Casters / h35 w36 d29.5 inside: w23.25 d20 ah26.25 sh18.25 *See price list for options: Tablets, Cup Holder, Bookshelf and Power Module Also Available: 1256 Devo 2-Seat Sofa / 1255-C Devo Lounge Chair w/ Casters & Handle / 1255TAL Devo Tablet Arm Left Arm Sitting *See price list for options: Tablets, Cup Holder and Power Modules 1255TAL-C Devo Lounge Chair Right Arm Sitting Tablet Arm w/ Casters & Handle / 1255TAR Devo Tablet Arm Right Arm Sitting

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 5752-2 Rise 2-Seat Sofa / 5752-3 Rise 3-Seat Sofa Also Available: 4158 Inspire 2-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 9279 Caliph 2-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 1253 Kennet 2-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Lisbon 9575TAR Lisbon Lounge Chair w/ Right Arm Tablet / h33 w35 d31 inside: w26.25 d20 ah26.75 sh18.5 Also Available: 9576 Lisbon 2-Seat Sofa / 9575-CR Lisbon w/ Crumb-Rail Tight Back / 9575TAL Lisbon Tablet Arm Left Side Sitting

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 9579 Acropolis 2-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 1246-CR Brandon Chair w/ Crumb-Rail Tight Back / 1247 Brandon 2-Seat Sofa Also Available: 1378-2 Alisha 2-Seat Sofa

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Lounge / tables Diego Gang 5453 The Diego Gang Armless Chair Tight Seat / h40.75 w22.5 d34.5 inside: w21.5 d21 sh19.25 Also Available: 5756-3 Restore 3-Seat Sofa Also Available: 5453-ISA The Diego Gang Inside Arm Only / 5456-L The Diego Gang Side Chair w/ Left Arm Sitting Tight Back 5456-R The Diego Gang Side Chair w/ Right Arm Sitting Tight Back

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Lounge / tables Flare 4913-O Flare Bench / h20 w63 d20 inside: w63 d20 sh20 *Biscuit tuffed top with no buttons

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Lounge / tables 5424 Resolve Ottoman / h18.5 w18 d18 5424-L Resolve Large Ottoman / h19.75 w36.25 d36.25 Also Available: 5424-0 Resolve Oval Ottoman

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Lounge / tables Also Available: 5425-W Engage Small Ottoman w/ Wooden Top / 5429 Engage Large Ottoman Upholstered Top Available: Glass or Corian 5429-W Engage Large Ottoman w/ Wooden Top

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Lounge / tables Aspect ASR03616 Aspect Round Table / 36 Diameter h16 ASR542016 Aspect Rectangle Table / w54 d20 h16 Also Available: ASR02221 Aspect Round Table Wood Top w/ Glass Shelf Interval IO361816 Interval Oval Table / w36 d18 h16 Also Available: IO361816 Interval Oval Table / OI542016 Interval Rectangle Table / OI542029 Interval Rectangle Table Also Available: ARK222221 Ark Square Table / ARK2321 Ark Round Table / ARK3016 Ark Round Table IR361816 Interval Rectangle Table / IR542016 Interval Rectangle Table / IRO3616 Interval Round Table / IRO2221 Interval Round Table IS363616 Interval...

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