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[ E N ] PO WE R Cabot Wrenn Swivel & Side Chairs represent the seamless culmination of exacting design, quality materials and ergonomics. Befitting the needs of modern corporate environments, our expansive array of contemporary styles and functional seating configurations offer individualized support for every need. Ergonomics dictate comfort levels through relative angles, slopes, and levels, styled accordingly for a holistic approach to design. The result is an ideal marriage of form and function. Please visit our website,, for latest product updates.

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swivel / side 5881ST Mesh Color: Colone 5881ST Mesh Color: Gray 5881ST Mesh Color: Mocha 5882ST-UPH 5881ST Mesh Color: Black Available in the following mesh back colors: Black, Colone, Mocha, Brussels, Helsinki, Napa and Gray Also Available: 5881ST-UPH Blade Swivel Tilt w/ Upholstered Arms / 5882ST Blade Swivel Tilt

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swivel / side Also Available: 5800ST-U Sleek Mid-Back w/ Urethane Arm Caps Also Available: 5801ST-U Sleek High-Back w/ Urethane Arm Caps

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swivel / side EDGE 1802ST-CK Edge Executive High-Back Tight Upholstery Closed Arm* / h48.5 w25.5 d27 inside: w20.5 d18 ah27.5 sh17 1807ST-EUK Edge Mid-Back Semi Attached Cushion Edge Urethane Arm* / h39.5 w26.5 d26 inside: w20.5 d18 ah26.5 sh18.5 1805ST-CK Edge High-Back Closed Arm Swivel Chair w/ Tight Seat* / h48.5 w25.5 d27 inside: w20.5 d18 ah26.75 sh18.5 *4.5 inch Adjustable Height Also Available: 1803ST-AK Edge High-Back Adjustable Arm Swivel Chair / 1804ST-EUK Edge Mid-Back Urethane Arm Swivel Chair 1806ST-AK Edge High-Back Semi Attached Cushion Adjustable Arm

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swivel / side MARQUIS 9174ST Marquis Mid-Tight-Back Open Wooden Arms / h38 w27 d27 inside: w22 d18 ah25.5 sh17.5 9177ST Marquis High-Back Swivel Chair w/ Semi-Attached Seat* / h44 w27 d27 inside: w22 d18 ah26 sh19.5 9171ST Marquis High-Back Open Arms w/ Tight Seat* / h44 w27 d27 inside: w22 d18 ah25.5 sh17.5 Also Available: 9170ST Marquis Mid-Tight-Back Upholstered Open Arms / 9170ST-U Marquis Mid-Tight-Back Urethane Arms 9172ST Marquis Mid-Tight-Back Closed Arms / 9173ST Marquis High-Tight-Back Closed Uph. Arms 9175ST Marquis-High-Tight Back Open Wooden Arms / 9176ST Marquis Mid-Back Open...

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swivel / side *4.5 inch Adjustable Height

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swivel / side Also Available: 9495ST Chambers Tufted Mid-Back Swivel Chair / 9498ST Chambers High-Back Swivel Chair

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swivel / side EMERGE ASTON 9525ST Echelon Open Upholstered Arm Swivel Chair* / h41 w26 d27 inside: w21 d18 ah26.25 sh17.5 9149ST Echelon Open Wood Arm Swivel Chair* / h41 w26 d27 inside: w21 d18 ah26.25 sh17.5 *4.5 inch Adjustable Height

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swivel / side 1454ST-U Bailey High-Back Urethane Arms Black Urethane Arms* / h44 w27 d29 inside: w20.5 d18.5 ah25 sh18.5 Also Available: 1453ST Bailey Mid-Back Upholstered/Wood Arms* / 1455ST-U Bailey Mid-Back Urethane Arm* *4.5 inch Adjustable Height

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swivel / side Also Available: 9678 Lenay Upholstered Back Side Chair / 10032 Lenay Slat Back Stacking Arm Chair 10033 Lenay Upholstered Back Stacking Arm Chair

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Also Available: 4669-24 Ascend Barstool / 4670-24 Ascend Armless Barstool *Other powder coated finishes available, please visit

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INDEX NUMERICAL INDEX 1263 Lauren Arm Chair P25 4058 Tuscany Slat Back Side Chair P23 5278ST Forum High-Back Swivel Tilt P6 4059 Tuscany Side Chair P23 4674-30 Contrast Armless Barstool P35 5280ST Consider Swivel Tilt Chair P19 1802ST-CK Edge Executive High-Back Tight Upholstery Closed Arm P9 4669 Ascend Side Chair P20 4745ST Ascari Mid-Back Swivel Tilt Chair P15 5450ST Wellington Swivel Tilt Chair P19 1805ST-CK Edge High-Back Closed Arm Swivel Chair w/ Tight Seat P9 4746ST Ascari High-Back Swivel Tilt Chair P15 5457 The Pratt Institute Chair P21 1807ST-EUK Edge Mid-Back Semi Attached...

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INDEX Alphabetical Index 5753 Rise Open Arm Side Chair P24 9125 Truffle Side Chair P31 9268ST Caesar Mid-Back Swivel Chair P10 9570ST Bradford Swivel Chair P13 9126 Truffle Fiddle Back Side Chair P31 5800ST Sleek Mid-Back Swivel Tilt Chair P4 9145 Sovereign Slat Back Chair P32 9270ST Caesar High-Back Swivel Chair P10 9571ST Bradford Tufted Swivel Chair P13 9342 Regalia Side Chair P30 9572ST Bradford Channel Back Swivel Chair P13 ASCARI 5754 Rise Closed Arm Side Chair P24 Ascend ASTON AUDREY B BAILEY BECKETT BLADE Bradford 5801ST Sleek High-Back Swivel Tilt Chair P5 9146 Sovereign...

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