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3Shape Dental System 2014

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Dental System Industry-leading scanning and CAD solutions

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Powering you past the competition To drive your business and cost efficiency, you need a CAD/CAM solution that is fast, accurate, easy to use and future secure. 3Shape Dental System™ gives you the widest range of indications and libraries. Integrated, clear and intuitive workflows. Fast desktop scanners with ISO-documented accuracy. Unlimited CAD software upgrades. An ecosystem that freely lets you combine what you use today with what you may need tomorrow. A simple CAD/CAM solution that simply powers you past the competition. Highlights in Dental System™ 2015 Change order form during...

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Why go digital? Digitization of dentistry is happening now and the change is dramatic. Labs must go digital or they will risk losing customers. Jim Boshoven, CDT Director, Automated Technology Dental Services Group Increase productivity • Make more units per day Get fast digital workflows Reduce labor-intense processes Increase profits and stay competitive • Compete with low-cost labs and chairside milling Increase profit per unit Expand your offerings and services Provide more indications and materials • Widen the offering for your customers Produce in the material the dentist wants Open...

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5 reasons to choose 3Shape Dental System Digitization is impacting all corners of modern dentistry, and more than anywhere in labs. Our mission is to help labs meet the future with solutions that allow them to compete and prosper. Tais Clausen, CTO and Co-founder, 3Shape More indications and better tools • The widest range of indications including special types Unmatched tools and design options Intuitive interface and guided workflows Complete Order Manager and intuitive 3D order form Integrated scanners and documented accuracy • Complete scanner and software integration TRIOS integrated...

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The most intuitive workflow ever The new Dental System™ is boosted with optimized workflows, a redesigned user-interface and enhanced user-friendliness to provide an extremely intuitive operation for both new and experienced users. Order Overview Always shows the active tooth that is being designed. Workflow bar Intuitively guides you through the major design stages. NEW Make order changes any time Change material or indication during design without losing your work. Design tools and sub-steps Get powerful tools and guidance as you design the specific indication. “Next” and “Back” Button...

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The digital lab and its digital patients Dental System™ brings together accurate 3D scanning, intuitive CAD modeling, efficient order management and reliable communication tools to provide streamlined workflows that increase productivity. Now you can improve treatment by working with the complete digital patient, combining all types of patient images such as color surface scans, CBCT, 3D face scans, 2D patient photos, intraoral camera images/video and more. Receive all types of patient data. Choose the optimal scanner model for your lab. Share 3D designs and discuss cases online with...

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The ultimate goal in digital dentistry, is to create the 3D virtual patient. This is now being realized, as we combine powerful design software with CBCT, patient images, intraoral and model scanning to ensure comprehensive diagnosis, treatment planning and predictable outcomes for our patients. Lee Culp, Sculpture Studios, USA Apply productive and intuitive design workflows and tools. Design lab models for local 3D printing. Interface with all manufacturing equipment and materials. Looking inside Dental System™

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The market’s widest range of indications Dental System™ is known as the market’s most complete CAD/CAM system, making it a sound investment that enables labs to continuously expand their service portfolio, grow their business and stay ahead in a competitive market. Copings and Bridge Frameworks Inlays / Onlays / Inlay Bridges / Veneers Table-Tops and Non-Prepared Veneers Digital Temporaries including Bridges with Pontics Virtual Diagnostic Wax-Ups including physical models Post & Core Telescopes incl. Secondary Telescopes Customized Abutments with Positioning Guides Implant Bridges and Bars...

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3Shape solutions for any lab 3Shape’s solutions are modular, upgradable, and come in various packages to ensure easy matching to your needs - whether you are seeking a secure entry into digital dentistry, or expanding your business with more indications. Flexible modular, upgradable software packages 3 software packages, upgrade options, supported libraries, and Add-On expansions. Extend your range of indications with Add-ons Advanced indications and workflows such as Model Builder™, Denture Design™, and Abutment Designer™. LABcare™ with every Dental System™ subscription Ensuring a future...

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The 3Shape Order Manager maximizes productivity and case control Dental System’s™ Order Manager combines all your digital patient’s case information and efficiently organizes all lab orders for guided workflows and easy management. Here you create orders, scan models and impressions, communicate with dentists, receive digital impressions, import 3rd party STL, and send designs for manufacturing. Lab technicians can share cases and work in parallel, maximizing productivity and resources. Access extensive range of materials and milling center libraries. Support for all Dental System’s™ core...

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NEW Expanded training center with new instruction videos and step-by-step guides. NEW Widen your options with improved import of 3rd party intraoral scans. Intuitive workflow guidance for excellent user experience. NEW Enhanced order overview includes 3D visualization and order status. More options with extended integration with manufacturing machines and CAM software. Share cases on multiple workstations for ultimate productivity.

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Building more power into 3Shape’s proven scanners We are introducing two new high-end scanners with groundbreaking technologies providing revolutionary performance and productivity. Our popular workhorse models have been upgraded to the new technology platform with added interior space and blue LED for reduced scan noise. And we naturally continue to offer our advanced entry level scanner for smaller labs. 3Shape’s service centers worldwide are committed to servicing your scanner many years forward. NEW New software boosts scanner speed and detail level New application and algorithms...

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