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EEG Solutions Helping you help other s WWW.CADWELL.COM

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Arc-Family - 2

Measuring brain activity plays an important role in neurocritical care, epilepsy monitoring, and clinical settings. EEG is the only real-time brain function parameter, and is the ideal method for detecting clinical and subclinical seizures, monitoring treatments, and detecting abnormalities. Cadwell’s Arc family of EEG solutions provide the tools to accurately measure, analyze, and report brain function in all patient settings.

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Arc-Family - 3

Arc EEG solutions offer simple operation, reliable hardware, intuitive Arc software, and secure CadLinkTM data management. Arc incorporates the latest EEG design technology to deliver the highest quality signals possible. Arc’s robust design stands up to the challenges of ambulatory inpatient and outpatient use. The rugged and water-resistant design of the Arc Essentia® amplifier will withstand the use and abuse of real-life clinical practice. Arc ApolloTM is the complete mobile solution for at-home and in-hospital ambulatory EEG. A compact recorder, 32-channel amplifier, and optional...

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Arc-Family - 4

At-Home and In-Hospital Ambulatory EEG Solution Compact and lightweight ambulatory EEG system providing more than three days of uninterrupted recording. Patients can move freely with continuous data acquisition and impedance checking. • Customizable patient event buttons • Microphone for voice marking EEG events • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries Options • Q-Video Mobile 3 offers up to 1080p HD video and auto-switching to infrared mode • USB Photic Stimulator • Harness, backpack, and head mount • IP camera switching Small Footprint Configurations For the space-critical ICU, choose either...

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Arc-Family - 5

The lightweight Point of Care Cart is The robust T2 Cart supports an all-inideal for clinical use with a laptop or The Pole Cart's small footprint makes one or desktop PC, UPS and single or all-in-one PC it the ideal solution for the ICU dual monitor setup USB Photic Stimulator Essentia Amplifier Wall Mount Rates from 1 - 60 Hz Save space and monitor remotely ACCESSORIES Essentia Remote Input Headbox Offers color-coded, secure inputs and bedside placement convenience USB, IP and HD Cameras Wall, ceiling, and arm mounts; IR illuminator Patient Event Button Essentia USB...

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Arc-Family - 6

Smarter tools Save critical Time Begin a study in just one click and enter patient information later. Capture Important Information • Detect subtle movements • Integrated controls for camera pan, tilt, and zoom • Highlight video and superimpose traces over video • Display video in a separate window or monitor • Capture video and image traces, and add them to reports Review in Record time • Review EEG records while simultaneously monitoring live data • Monitor on one or multiple monitors • View up to 100 pages at once • One click zoom to inspect individual events • Automatic shading of...

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Arc-Family - 7

Sentinel monitoring software allows live viewing of multiple patients from one computer. Ideal for control room technicians and nurses, Sentinel enables remote camera control, live video feed switching, Synopsis trends viewing, and much more. Arc Synopsis helps users recognize key events in EEG records. Data patterns indicative of seizures, sleep/wake cycling, burst rate, and more can be identified and filtered with adjustable parameters. Trends Package • Seizure View can automatically truncate files to show only marked data. • Trends Window allows utilization of up to seven unique EEG...

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Arc-Family - 8

We are dedicated to helping you help others by developing innovative, user-friendly EEG solutions. The Cadwell Story John Cadwell, BSEE, MD, saw a need for innovative and reliable neurophysiology instruments during his residency at the University of Washington School of Medicine. John combined his experience in electrical engineering and medicine to design the world’s first microprocessor-controlled EMG instrument. Together with his brother, Carl Cadwell, DDS, John formed Cadwell Laboratories in 1979. In the 1980s, Cadwell developed the best-selling 5200A EMG and the Spectrum 32 EEG. In the...

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