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Arc-Family - 1

In-Patient and Remote EEG monitoring Solutions for routine, ambulatory, intensive care, and epilepsy Helping you help others WWW.CADWELL.COM

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Arc-Family - 2

Arc EEG Amplifiers Arc EEG is the result of a decades-long collaboration with our customers in response to the ever-changing needs of brain monitoring. Arc amplifiers are all rugged, droptested, and easy to clean and disinfect, with IP-22 water resistance to enhance patient safety. Essentia is flexible and rugged enough for quality EEG in clinical practice, intensive care, epilepsy, and outpatient clinics. Apollo offers flexibility from ambulatory EEG to the EMU. As patient volumes fluctuate, Apollo can be redeployed to meet needs. Zenith provides high channel count extracranial and...

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Arc-Family - 3

Flexible Configurations: Carts and Wall-Mounts Cadwell understands that carts are an important part of the EEG experience. Our configurations are designed with technicians and physicians - and their enviroments - in mind. The robust EEG Cart features a small footprint, adjustable sit/stand workstation heights, an 8-foot telescopic camera mount, and individual removeable supply drawers. It can support an all-in-one or desktop PC, UPS, and a single monitor setup. Wall-mount Essentia or Apollo amplifiers to save valuable floor space. Use the lightweight Fuzion Cart in clinical practice with a...

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Arc-Family - 4

Arc EEG Software software features the most recent EEG programming code in a new and simple platform that offers simple operation, easy to interpret data, streamlined assessment tools, and a rich report generator. Arc software requires little training for new users, and helps you: • Save critical time. Start a study with a single click and enter patent information later. • Capture important information. Highlight videos, detect subtle movements, switch cameras, and add images to reports. • Review in record time. Review and monitor live data simultaneously. Customize displays, auto-shade...

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Arc-Family - 5

Arc EEG Software gives you the power to remotely monitor multiple patients from one computer. Ideal for nurses’ stations and control rooms, Sentinel enables remote camera control, live video feed switching, Synopsis trends viewing, and alerts. helps you recognize key events in EEG records. Analyze EEG data patterns and display trend information customized to each user’s requirements. Identify, filter, and set parameters for AEEG, Alpha:Delta, Band Power, Amplitude Asymmetry, Envelope, Spectogram, and Specral Entropy. Sentinel with Synopsis Trends, patient events log, patient button...

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Arc-Family - 6

Clinical Solutions Routine and Ambulatory EEG solutions Arc gives you a choice of solutions for routine adult and pediatric EEG: Essentia and Apollo. • Essentia ensures high quality EEG signals, even in noisy environments. Its rugged and water-resistant design will withstand the use and abuse of real-life clinical practice. The compact Remote Input Headbox with secure cable connectors ensures convenient setup, recording integrity, and patient comfort. • Apollo allows your patients the benefits of an ambulatory system: portable, lightweight, comfortable, and battery powered. At-home...

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Arc-Family - 7

Clinical Solutions Long Term Monitoring in intensive care and epilepsy monitoring units Apollo and Essentia are effective physician tools for evaluating EEG background, ischemic events and clinical and subclinical seizures in the Neonatal ICU, NeuroICU and EMU. Arc EEG Software is an essential EEG professional tool for the diagnosis of epilepsy, localization of seizure foci, monitoring of treatment efficacy, and the pre-surgical workup in the epilepsy monitoring unit. High channel count Intracranial EEG with Cortical Stimulation Zenith is Cadwell’s solution for high-channel count EEG with...

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Arc-Family - 8

Disposable and reusable electrodes, and all EEG supplies and accessories Use Disposable EEG+ Cup Electrode Packs to reduce the clinical and financial implications of health care associated infections. • Customize your kits with 12-inch, 48-inch, and 60-inch lead lengths • Provide quality signals and improve impedances with larger 10mm silver/silver chloride EEG+ cups that hold more conductive gel • Open just one 25-lead pack per patient setup Visit For all of your electrodes, accessories and consumable supplies We are dedicated to helping you help others by developing...

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