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Arc-Zenith - 1

High channel count EEG with cortical stimulation EMU solutions engineered to: yy yy yy yy Simplify operational workflow Reduce the risk of errors Reduce setup and surgical time Enhance data accuracy and analyses to improve patient outcomes Intelligent design © 2019 Cadwell Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. This document contains trademarks that belong to Cadwell Industries, Inc. and other companies, respectively. Product availability may vary in different countries and markets. Please contact Cadwell for additional information. Refer to product specification sheets for system capability. yy Patented Zenect™ magnetic smart electrode connectors yy Record up to 576 channels yy 1 MHz sampling with storage up to 8kHz yy Select any input as ground on any amplifier and select any other input as the recording reference yy FDA cleared, fully integrated cortical stimulator yy Rugged, drop-tested and water-resistant

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Arc-Zenith - 2

High channel count EEG with cortical stimulation Easy-to-Use Arc EEG Software yy All intracranial case settings, including montages, follow the patient record yy Remotely monitor multiple patients from one computer with Sentinel yy Control IP camera switching and functions yy Record using numerous display options yy Integrated switch matrix between Zenith and IOMAX stimulator enables full control of cortical stimulation through software yy Flexible cortical stimulation parameters yy Documents cortical stimulation functional and afterdischarge responses yy Functional response graphical maps...

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