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IONM Intraoperative Cadwell’s Cascade ® IONM systems have led the market in general spine and cranial procedures for 15 years. Cascade® systems monitor SEP, TceMP, BAEP, VEP, EMG, TEMG, EEG and TOF. Cadwell’s powerful multi-modality IONM portfolio includes the Cascade® PRO, the Cascade® Elite and the original Cascade®. The Cascade® PRO can be 16 or 32 channels; you can buy two amplifiers upfront, or upgrade your system later. The stackable system can be configured as portable or cartbased, and supports the ES-IX 2 stimulator. Extender pod shielding reduces noise and provides surge...

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The Cascade® Elite’s 32-channel built-in amplifier with 64 inputs is encased in a robust, water-resistant aluminum case. Accessories make this portable or cart-based system.

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The 16-channel Cascade® was designed compact and light, and is easily portable. Its input extenders, cable shielding and flexible placement options help maintain signal fidelity. This Cascade® runs the Cascade® Classic software platform. Laptop and carry-on luggage options are available. cascade® classic cadwell industri

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A variety of options suit a wide range of needs. Most ESs display actual current delivered, and all are compatible with the Elite and the original Cascade®. Eight high-current (0-100 mA) outputs and one configurable low-current (5 mA / 20 mA) or voltage (5V / 20V) output that allow reverse polarity, biphasic stimulation, rapid trains and current sensing. It is compatible with the Elite and the PRO. Two stimulators can be daisy-chained. It was dropped from one meter onto concrete 500 times without a single device failure. It defines durable. Ep Stimulators • Auditory click with ^insert...

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Software Options Cascade® Classic Classic software supports the PRO, the Elite and the original Cascade®. It offers 16 unique data windows and up to 20 user-programmed data windows, automatic report generation, interleaving, train-of-four testing, multiple input support and video with auto-capture. Free web-based help and phone support are included. Cascade® Surgical Studio The future of Cadwell’s IONM software platform, Cascade® Surgical Studio supports the Cascade® PRO and Cascade® Elite base units. Intuitive mode-based procedures streamline procedure setup and overall usability....

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Versatile System Configurations Cascade® systems can be configured as portable or cart-based for your convenience. Optional laptop bags, duffles and carry-on sized rolling case make travel easy. Our rugged hardware stands up to the rigors of a mobile unit. Cart-based systems optimize the ability to position the equipment near the patient. Keeping the system near the surgical bed reduces cable lengths, improves signal quality and reduces noise. Whether you’re taking your Cascade® system across the hall, across town or across the country, be assured that it will perform flawlessly.

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Cadwell Industries, Inc. 909 N. Kellogg St. · Kennewick, WA 99336 (800) 245-3001 · (509) 735-6481 ph · (509) 783-6503 fx · © 2015 Cadwell Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. Cascade® 3.0 is not intended for intraoperative lateral trans-psoas monitoring (ILTM) using automatic threshold detection. Cadwell disclaims (and does not support) any use of Cascade® 3.0 for ILTM. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. This document contains trademarks that belong to Cadwell Industries, Inc. and other companies, respectiv

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