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Easy-III-PSG - 2

When you purchase Easy® III PSG for your sleep lab, you aren't just acquiring a piece of quality, flexible equipment. You're caring for your patients with a time-tested and user-friendly system that gives you clear signals. You're implementing efficient and flexible software with live remote viewing, concise reporting, and complimentary upgrades. And you're building a team of qualified, informed support personnel who have your back. Helping you help others

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Easy-III-PSG - 3

Remote Input Box Using the compact and lightweight headbox protects your amplifier from accidental drops during the night, ensures recording integrity and provides patient convenience. Easy III Amplifier Record crystal clear signals with the 4kHz sampling rate and perform impedances bedside. Amplifier inputs remain active even when using the Remote Input Headbox. Channels: 32 (7 Active/Ref pairs) DC: 8 (+10V to -10V) EasyNet: Connect up to 12 Connection: 1.5mm touchproof Sampling: 4 kHz (200 Hz DC) Storage: 250 Hz (200 Hz DC) Noise: <2 μV Sensitivity: 0.5-1000 μv/mm LFF: 0.032-10 Hz HFF:...

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Easy-III-PSG - 4

Role-based, personalized software behaves the way you want and can be modified on-the-fly. Configure your recording workspace to see everything on a single monitor.

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Easy-III-PSG - 5

Simultaneously monitor live and Synchronized montages and reports Build your workspace across multiple recorded video to improve patient mean you don't need to copy files to monitors, °r consolidate to a single care during the study. every station. monitor display.

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Easy-III-PSG - 6

Clinically-fOcused reports • Flexible and configurable templates let you build your reports the way you want them. • Make your workflow more efficient by instantly sending results to your EMR via HL7Link. • Highly detailed titration reports provide more insight on complex patien

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Easy-III-PSG - 7

DESIGNED FOR KIDS of all ages • Configure software for pediatric and neonatal patients • Interface with a wide variety of external oximetry, CO2 and pH monitors • Record enough channels for nocturnal seizure montages • Capture high quality video to validate the trace data during acquisition and review MONITOR YOUR WAY, anywhere Access all stored patient data as well as live recordings from anywhere via Citrix. Build physician worklists so you know which studies you've already done and which studies need to be completed.

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Easy-III-PSG - 8

We are dedicated to developing innovative, user-friendly solutions for Sleep Disorders to help you provide quality, around-the-clock patient care. The Cadwell Story John Cadwell, BSEE, MD, saw a need for innovative and reliable neurophysiology instruments during his residency at the University of Washington School of Medicine. John combined his experience in electrical engineering and medicine to design the world’s first microprocessor-controlled EMG instrument. Together with his brother, Carl Cadwell, DDS, John formed Cadwell Laboratories in 1979. In the 1980s, Cadwell Laboratories...

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