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IONM SoLUTIONS Helping you help other s WWW.CADWELL.COM

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Cascade IONM SOLUTIONS Surgeries are inherently risky, especially those that involve the brain, spinal cord or nerves. Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) is performed during many different types of surgeries to reduce the risk of devastating, irreversible neurological deficits, such as muscle weakness, loss of sensation, hearing loss, and impairment of essential bodily functions. Comprehensive solutions for patient-centered IONM care Surgeon Embrace adjunct technologies to optimize your patient’s outcome. IONM involves multi-modal recording of electrical potentials from the...

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IONM-Family - 3

The modular design of Cascade® IOMAX™ lets users tailor each IONM setup to the specific requirements of each surgery. Cortical Module. Designed for recording and stimulating at, or near, the patient’s head, with 16 channels, TCS-9 for dynamic montaging of transcranial MEPs, and Low Current, Auditory and Visual Stimulation. Optional extender pods provide flexible positioning. Telescoping camera pole IOMAX™ is a compact, robust system designed to withstand daily use and the environmental hazards of the operating room. Cortical and Limb Modules are drop tested and waterproof. Rotate for...

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IONM-Family - 4

All-modality monitoring with 16 or 32 channels. The pod-based design of the Cascade PRO is timetested and user-approved for dynamic surgical environments. Patented quick-connect cable fasteners fast-track setup and tear down. Peripheral stimulators increase case-by-case flexibility. Base Unit. All modality monitoring. Auditory and visual EP stimulation. Electrosurgery and noise detection. Amplifiers. Choose 16 or 32 channels. Add input extender pods to reach the operating table. Patented input extender pod cable shielding reduces noise. TCS-4 and TCS-1000. Transcranial motor stimulation...

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IONM-Family - 5

Cascade Surgical Studio software offers an intuitive interface that is compatible with all Cascade IONM systems. Streamline your workflow Optimize quality management • View live and saved data side-by-side and never miss critical information • Switch users during a case to log involvement and apply settings without interrupting data acquisition. • Seamlessly share and manage data and resources across your organization. • Standardize procedure setups. • Control access to data and PHI. • Demonstrate competency with CadX simulator. • Automatically remove data from the local recording system...

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IONM-Family - 6

Provide secure and efficient access to clinical information when and where you need it. CadLink helps deliver efficient workflow, quality data and easy reporting by connecting Cascade® Surgical Studio IONM, Arc® EEG, and Sierra® EMG/EP. Ensure Fail-Safe Data Streaming Secure All Data and Communication Safeguard against network connection failures by temporarily saving data locally and autostreaming trace and video data to centralized storage on the CadLink Server. Centrally Manage Setup and Updates Encrypt the transfer and storage of patient data. Point-to-point communication ensures safe...

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IONM-Family - 7

We are dedicated to developing industry-leading IONM solutions to help you help your patients. The Cadwell Story John Cadwell, BSEE, MD, saw a need for innovative and reliable neurophysiology instruments during his residency at the University of Washington School of Medicine. In the 2000s, Cadwell developed the industry’s best integrated report generator and introduced Easy PSG. We introduced Cascade Surgical Studio for Cascade IOMAX, and continue to support Cascade PRO. John combined his experience in electrical engineering and medicine to design the world’s first microprocessor-controlled...

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