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Summit Family - 1

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Summit Family - 2

Cadwell enables cutting-edge neurodiagnostics with forward-thinking hardware and innovative software. The Sierra® Summit™ is designed for the electromyographer who prioritizes quality, durability, and efficiency.

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Summit Family - 3

SlERMs ummit SCALABLE TO FIT YOUR NEEDS Build the system you need with a variety of amplifiers, accessories, and test protocols. • Our most advanced amplifiers offer 1 to 12 channels of sophisticated filtering and noise reduction • Choose from a variety of carts, computers and monitors, or provide your own • Protocol licensing allows you to select only the protocols that you need Cadwell uses the highest quality components to ensure longevity and resilience. • Test fixtures and electrode tester for instant hardware diagnostics • Machined aluminum knobs and raised buttons rated for 100k+...

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Summit Family - 4

FAST+lSIMPLEl+l PRECISE Perform an entire NCS from the palm of your hand with the new and improved StimTroller Plus™ • Reinforced housing and stainless steel mechanics • Controls intensity, pulse width, distance, nerve selection, site selection, trace selection, and more • Adjust the angle and distance between probes or remove them to attach electrodes, needles or other stimulators Simple and Reliable Hardware Interface • The Summit Base Unit keeps things simple with programmable, protocol-specific function keys and control dials that are built to last Intuitive and Sophisticated Software •...

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Summit Family - 5

Flexible and Clear Result Tables Improve Button Previous responses fade into the background for easy comparison. Hold Max automatically selects the supramaximal response. Display various parameters for clinical applications and research with advanced reference limits, comparisons, and on-the-fly editing. Reduces shock artifact, flattens the baseline and improves accuracy. See the full story with Combination Tests and Strategies Display multiple test types or even an entire strategy in the same display. Simultaneously display motor, sensory, F and H responses to reduce testing time, improve...

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Summit Family - 6

Maximize Clinical information + Reduce Testing time Increase confidence in your diagnosis with a seamless transition to live quantitative EMG • • • • Live Single-MUP analysis and auto trigger Live Multi-MUP analysis Live recruitment ratio analysis Live firing rate analysis Live Interference pattern analysis Live MUP stability analysis Display results as tables or charts Multiple export options a

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Summit Family - 7

Flexible + Familiar + Intuitive See it how you want Custom views give you quick access to the features you want. Full control of displays, colors, tables, and test protocols. Simple on-screen controls and settings can be changed on the fly. Our highest sound quality is achieved with instantaneous signal processing, dual high-quality speakers, and full equalizer controls. Customize your workflow with userdefined studies and tests that can be adjusted on the fly. Fast and simple muscle scoring features and sentence generator allow for instant and accurate reporting. Anatomy Navigator Quickly...

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Summit Family - 8

ULTRASOUND Sierra® Summit™ with ultrasound, a completely integrated electrodiagnostic and imaging solution. Two ultrasound options with a variety of transducers will fit your needs and your budget. Integrated Controls Directly from the Sierra Base Unit: Adjust image settings. Record and review snapshots and videos. Switch between B, M, Doppler and Comparison modes directly from the Sierra Base Unit. Integrated Reports Include ultrasound images and measurements in your EMG report, and store everything in the same locations. Integrated Settings Pre-define ultrasound structures in the Sierra...

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Summit Family - 9

B Mode B Mode: Median Nerve Long Axis B Mode: Median Nerve Cross-Section M Mode: Diaphragm with Phrenic Nerve Stim Needle Injection with PDI Doppler 9

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Summit Family - 10

SMART • Advanced post processing: Compare, combine, average, grand average, smooth, and invert trials • Custom cursors and calculations: Latency, amplitude, inter-latency, inter-amplitude, percentages, ratios, and side-by-side comparisons • Live Test Edit: Easily adjust parameters, protocols and channel count during acquisition Multi Modality: Add EEG, ultrasound, and IONM to the same cart Scale from 1 to 12 channels and easily add or re-montage channels during acquisition Personalized Views: Adjust views for side-to-side comparisons with a vertical or horizontal split screen Remote Head...

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Summit Family - 11

The Sierra® Summit ™ offers a full suite of evoked potential tests that can be modified to fit the needs of your practice. Multiple Trigger-in and Trigger-out ports are available to connect external devices and applications. SEP Protocols: SEP, Dermatomal SEP, Interleave SEP, Trigger-In and Trigger-Out VEP Protocols: Pattern VEP, Flash, ERG, Goggle, Trigger-In and Trigger-Out AEP Protocols: AEP, MLR, VEMP, ECochG, P300 with Headphone, Bone Transducer and Insert Earphones • Advanced post processing: Compare, add, average, grand average, smooth and invert trials • Advanced stim and...

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Summit Family - 12

REPORTING AND REVIEW Cadwell understands that efficiently and effectively reviewing and communicating diagnostic results is a top priority. The Sierra® Summit™ is designed with many timesaving and intuitive reporting features. (KCAIMEU 909 North Kellogg Street Digit, 33 mis). (Median, 4.1 tj indicated in t| motor nerve# t-R latency# Quick Report Complete your report while you are performing the examination with custom templates and selections accessible during patient entry, acquisition, and review. Create a personalized report with just a few mouse clicks. Tab Data Summary View See all...

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