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CAE Lucina Childbirth Patient Simulator - Tech Sheet


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CAE Lucina Childbirth Patient Simulator - Tech Sheet - 1

Now fully compatible with CAE Maestro patient simulation software CAE Lucina For all aspects of childbirth, before, during and after Unrivaled realism and versatility for normal and emergency childbirth scenarios CAE Lucina allows practice in prepartum assessment and care, labor and delivery (routine and emergency), patient transport, and postpartum management, all with one wireless patient simulator. Powered by CAE’s unique physiology modeling engine, with integrated maternal and fetal physiology, Lucina responds automatically to obstetric maneuvers and clinical interventions. CAE Lucina supports mechanical ventilation and offers the most complete training in shoulder dystocia, postpartum hemorrhage and other important cases. CAE Lucina is also the most versatile simulator available today: With the female patient module, Lucina easily transforms into a non-gravid patient for practice in emergency scenarios unrelated to maternity. Add the Microsoft HoloLens module and Lucina becomes LucinaAR, the world’s first childbirth simulator to offer real-time, interactive 3D holograms of anatomy for more immersive training. Find out how CAE Lucina can redefine your expectations at Your worldwide training partner of choic

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CAE Lucina Childbirth Patient Simulator - Tech Sheet - 2

Technical Specifications Standard Equipment: • Wireless and tetherless maternal manikin • Birthing fetus • Fetus to support Leopold’s maneuvers • 2 abdomens (1 for delivery, 1 for prepartum and postpartum) • Postpartum uterus • Static cervices for vaginal exams • Software compatible tablet • CAE Maestro operating software • Wireless emulated patient monitor • 3 patient profiles • 10 Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) 1. Normal Delivery 2. Instrumental Vaginal Delivery 3. Fetal Tachycardia (due to maternal pyrexia) 4. Breech Delivery 5. Fetal Central Nervous System Depression (due to...

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