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Human Patient Simulator (HPS ) ® All inspiring, all empowering, the Human Patient Simulator is the brilliance that started it all. Released to the market in 1996, HPS set the standard for high fidelity patient simulation with the world’s most advanced physiological modeling system. HPS is a mannequin so real it supports the use of anesthesia and medical gases. Built for anesthesia, respiratory, and critical care, the HPS has true oxygen and CO2 gas exchange to exhibit the ultimate sophistication in validated physiology. The HPS connects to a real patient monitor and supports mechanical ventilation to deliver more realism for immersive learning. And, if you need a broad range of features without the anesthesia capability CAE Healthcare offers the Health Science HPS, which accommodates nursing, respiratory therapy, and emergency medicine. Each HPS model is packaged with 50 Simulated Clinical Experiences so you can spend less time writing scenarios and more time integrating simulation into your curriculum.

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Technical Specifications HPS-010 Anesthesia Standard Equipment The HPS-010 includes an anesthesia capable mannequin that is compatible with the optional anesthesia delivery system and gas accessory kit. Users can opt to purchase the anesthesia delivery system with initial purchase or at a later date. HPS mannequin Muse software Computer and control rack Full function monitor interface Enhanced drug recognition system Instructor’s desktop 6 patients 60 Simulated Clinical Experiences 4 SCE development licenses Pharmacology Editor Pharmacology Library 2 seats for Core Education Course at CAE...

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