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microDERM® Optima - 2

microDERM® Optima – Available to You in Two Variants microDERM ® Optima Daylight non-polarised light microDERM® Optima Daylight – For a Clear View polarised light nonpolarised light microDERM® Optima Daylight offers you three different modes of lighting akin to daylight. You may choose between strong and homogeneous non-polarised light and polarised light for optimum screenings due to reduced reflections on the skin. Directed lighting, which particularly emphasises the skin’s structures and profile, is additionally available. Bright, homogeneous lighting  Polarised light without...

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microDERM® Optima - 3

microDERM® Optima UV – Expands the Spectrum polarised light microDERM® Optima UV offers you polarised light akin to daylight for optimum screenings and an illumination in the UV range for fluorescence diagnosis. The UV light is suitable for both photodynamic examinations of cancerous cells and Wood’s light exams of bacterial, parasitic or fungal skin infection. Two  lighting modes in one appliance Suitable for Wood’s light exams  Distortion-free magnification

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microDERM® Optima - 4

Powerful illumination Several levels of illumination Distortion-free magnification Intelligent charging management Reliable diagnostic support Ultra-light design microDERM® Optima UV original scale 1:1

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microDERM® Optima - 5

microDERM® Optima – Quality Made Easy Whether used for clinical diagnosis or to obtain an overview prior to a skin cancer screening: with its maximum field of view and an illumination close to daylight, the microDERM® Optima magnifying examination glass offers optimum support in day-to-day practice. The ultra-low weight teamed with a powerful battery allows comfortable handling. Powerful LEDs True field of vision of 94mm Polarised light Status LED On/off switch Ergonomic lightweight handle Your advantages at a glance: Two  lighting modes in one appliance  Maximum field of view within Ø...

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microDERM® Optima - 6

Large lens with distortion-free view With 2-fold magnification, the quality lens ensures distortionfree viewing within a diameter of 94mm for a quick and successful examination. The type of lighting is crucial Natural colour reproduction is indispensable for the diagnostic assessment of all changes in skin. microDERM® Optima supplies precisely mixed light that comes close to the natural spectrum of daylight. The microprocessor-controlled LEDs allow for true-colour and consistent illumination as bright as daylight – even with decreasing battery power. Flexible charging via USB or charging...

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microDERM® Optima - 7

Polarised light Polarised light reduces reflections and puts skin irregularities in the background. This allows a better evaluation of colours and contours, even in deeper dermal and epidermal structures. Non-polarised light Non-polarised light is characterised by brightness, colour fidelity and homogeneity. It is a strong and unadulterated type of illumination that brings light into darkness. Directed light Directed light, either from the left or from the right side, makes considerably better assessment of skin structures possible, which is why this type of illumination is...

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microDERM® Optima - 8

Advantages at a Glance Two lighting modes in one appliance Maximum field of view for optimum screenings Diameter: 94mm Charging possible via charging station Optional base charging station With protective cover made of robust nylon Assured quality: Developed and manufactured in line with the strict regulations according to ISO 9001/13485 and the German Medical Products Act (MPG). The photographs and descriptions in this product information may contain accessories and optional equipment. Subject to change without notice for the purpose of technical advancement. ©2016 VISIOMED AG. All rights...

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