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dream 3D imaging solution for face and neck

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Communicate the possibilities. Engage in a streamlined, persuasive consultation as you view the three-dimensional image from any angle, zoom in for a closer look, superimpose the simulation over the pre-op, compare side-by-side, or fade between the two. ith its realistic 3D aesthetic simulation tools, Face Sculptor® software makes it easy to demonstrate surgical and non-surgical procedures—to sculpt the dream— on a three-dimensional image of your patient. “I use VECTRA 3D imaging for all of my consultations. Canfield’s Face Sculptor has made a tremendous impact on how I communicate with my...

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S h ow yo u r p at i e nt s t h e exc i t i n g p o s s i b i l i t i e s o f t h e i r a nt i c i p ate d a e s t h e t i c p ro ce d u re s. “ The very first day after VECTRA was installed, a patient came in for a consultation. After viewing the simulated outcomes, the patient booked a surgery which literally paid for the entire system. It is this kind of result— right out of the box—that has gotten the attention of everyone in the practice.” — ason Pozner, MD, FACS J Sanctuary Plastic Surgery Boca Raton, Florida pre-op 3D image simulated rhinoplasty rhinoplasty with chin augmentation...

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3D image capture for face and neck A  instantly capture a detailed 3D image of your patient’s face, neck, and décolletage A  igh resolution capture for h maximum image definition A  ompact, elegant design c complements your space dimensions •  idth: 48" (122cm) w •  epth: 22" (56cm) d •  eight: 71" (180cm) h placement •  designed to tuck neatly into a corner, or place against any wall •  photo backdrop required no / / phone +1.973.276.0336 / (USA) 800.815.4330 3 D S O L U T I O N S • FA C I A L I M A G I N G & A N A LY S I S • I M A G I N G S O F T...

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