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whole body imaging systems

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body mapping solution The DermaGraphix Dashboard organizes patient images for optimal review and assessment. • View all captures of the same lesion in a single column; all lesions captured during the same visit in a single row. • Filter, search, and sort images by selectable attribute. • Secure HL7 compatible image management system. Tag dermoscopic images to overview photos for efficient exams and accurate follow-ups. • Wireless tagging with VEOS DS3 dermatoscope or USB tethering with VEOS SLR. • All images associated with a lesion are linked to a unique number and tagged to the 3D...

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The DermaGraphix Loupe Tool provides additional viewing modalities for enhanced lesion assessment. Viewing modalities include • High resolution 3D image (shown) • Geometry (gray mode) • High resolution source Compare lesions anywhere on the skin surface without perspective distortion. Powerful search capability  DermaGraphix Viewer empowers patients to check for changes between office visits. • Customizable attributes for patients, lesions and images. • Search by doctor, procedure, diagnosis, date ranges and other attributes. • Simple, intuitive user interface. • Audit trail and stratified...

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whole body imaging systems The ground-breaking VECTRA WB360 whole body surface imaging system instantaneously captures the patient’s skin surface and body shape with 46 stereo vision pods, producing a single, accurate high-resolution 3D image. It uses both cross‑polarized and non‑polarized lighting, developed specifically for capturing photographs of the human body. • Scalable design VECTRA WB360:  exposed body in 1 capture VECTRA WB180:  exposed body in 2 captures • On-board proprietary xenon flashes, tuned to whole body skin imaging • 3D cross-polarized lighting (patent pending) improves...

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