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VlSIOMED Innovation and Quality - Made in Germany VISIOMED GmbH has been one of the most innovative    range of dermoscopic solutions for the future of our health companies in the field of computer-based processing    care system. of medical imaging, through the development of a continuous advancement efficient image documentation reliable diagnostic assistance easy to use & delegable automated & standardized flexibility for individual needs long-term patient relationships ©CANFIELD VISIOMED dermoscopy VISIOMED and Canfield Scientific Canfield Scientific is the world's leading specialist...

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VISIOMED E50+ Reliable Early Diagnosis Early detection of skin cancer through the use of a next-generation imaging system: Designed for universal use, the VISIOMED E50+ is a safe and easy-to-handle system featuring first-class workmanship. 2.8“ camera touch display The perfect modular solution in digital reflected-light microscopy. ergonomic handle examination attachment USB hot-plug connection base unit Fig.: VISIOMED E50+ with base unit Fig.: Examination with the VISIOMED E50+ imaging system. VISIOMED E50+ The perfect screening tool reflected-light microscopy solutions, the VISIOMED E50+...

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VISIOMED E50+ Intuitive Assistance in Everyday Practice Live View on the Display The live image of the camera is shown on both the Only a few display entries are required high-resolution screen and the integrated display. to save and analyze the image and to Thus, VISIOMED E50 enables a flexible + assign it to a site – without using VISIOMED E50+ | site assignment

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VISIOMED E50+ A Dependable Reflected-Light Microscope High-precision optics The patented lens offers 20x, 30x and 50x magnification in top quality. The camera is fully software-controlled so that the imaging parameters remain unchanged at all times. VISIOMED E50+ Award-Winning Design Long-term quality enhancement in patient care Images in outstanding quality mean safety for you and your patients. The VISIOMED E50+ provides you with every­ hing t you need for the recording of standardized images. Com- Standardized imaging quality Reliability and comparability, even in case of long-term plex...

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The Entire Imaging Chain – Efficient and Easy Due to the integration of total body mapping, clinical imaging with dermoscopy and confocal microscopy, a quick and smooth dermatological examination process is possible. Many Options United in a Single System ised communication interfaces integrated in VISIOMED All processes are controlled via a common software inter- (DICOM, HL7, GDT) allow for far-reaching and seamless face. The modular design allows you to easily expand your integration in existing information networks and con­ ec­ n VISIOMED products when further capacities are needed. tion...

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Your Advantages at a Glance. Continuous advancement Innovation & research Planning, supply, training and service from a single source Modular design & flexible use Quick amortization thanks to improved utilization, efficiency & productivity Secured quality: designed and manufactured in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 9001/13485 and the German and European medicine product law (MPG). IntelliStudio is a registered trademark of Canfield Scientific, Inc. ©2018 Canfield Scientific, Inc. All rights reserved. The illustrations and descriptions in this information may contain partial...

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