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Vantage Elan - 1

Comfortable. Effortless. Efficient.

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Vantage Elan - 2

Total patient focus Effortless workflow Efficient design Vantage Elan / Zen Edition delivers a comfortable patient experience combined with outstanding image quality and intuitive workflow. With a small footprint and low power consumption, Vantage Elan / Zen Edition is designed to help you achieve complete operational efficiency without compromise

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Vantage Elan - 3

A quieter MR exam for every patient, every sequence, every time In MRI examinations, the patient’s cooperation is essential, and it is important to eliminate psychological discomfort and help the patient relax. Utilizing Pianissimo™ Zen technology, Vantage Elan minimizes acoustic noise, one of the major complaints of patients and medical staff. Pianissimo Zen Vantage Elan’s unique Pianissimo Σ (sigma) technology significantly reduces the noise in and around the MRI environment for every patient, every sequence, every time. And Pianissimo Zen quiet sequences further reduce noise to just above...

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Vantage Elan - 4

Achieving high image quality in a compact system Vantage Elan utilizes original hardware technologies to enable excellent image quality to be achieved. Excellent stability with the advanced shielded gradient coil Vantage Elan’s unique gradient coil technology enables excellent stability and high image quality. Vantage Elan Fat sat imaging with MSOFT Off-center and large field of view imaging With high quality magnet homogeneity and our exclusive slice selective fat suppression called MSOFT, Vantage Elan’s innovative design enables uniform fat suppression, even on large areas such as the...

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Vantage Elan - 5

Achieving high image quality with a wide range of unique coil technology MSK SPEEDER package MSK SPEEDER package consists of a dedicated Shoulder SPEEDER coil and Knee/ Foot SPEEDER coil. These coils provide easy patient set up and enhanced workflow for shoulder, knee, foot and ankle examinations with FOV up to 30 cm while maintaining a high signal and good homogeneity. Vantage Elan’s unique RF technology results in high-precision images. Breast SPEEDER CX The Breast SPEEDER CX coil can be adjusted to the patient’s body habitus by adjusting the position of the lateral surface coils. 16ch...

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Vantage Elan - 6

Effortless workflow – with consistent results Optimize daily workflow and productivity with Vantage Elan’s user interface, M-Power™. Intuitively designed based on clinical workflow, M-Power enhances daily productivity and makes MR operations remarkably easy to learn and use, enabling technologists and physicians to easily access its full range of functionality. M-Power user interface M-Power intuitive icons and operation windows are designed for ease of use. Advanced post-processing as easy as 1-2-3 Advanced post-processing functions such as fMRI, spectroscopy, diffusion or tensor tractography...

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Vantage Elan - 7

Automated, reliable and robust With the complexity of scan planning, achieving scan plane reproducibility can be quite challenging and time-consuming. EasyTech technology helps you improve workflow with automatic slice alignment for brain, spine and cardiac exams, standardizing your workflow with automatic positioning. VOI™ Cardiac and CardioLine+ allow you to significantly reduce the scan time and increase throughput. Challenging cardiac examinations can now be performed as part of your daily routine. SURE Table positioning Achieve scan consistency for all your brain exams with NeuroLine+....

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Vantage Elan - 8

A complete clinical solution for you and your patients Vantage Elan offers a wide range of diagnostic solutions through many high-end applications such as UTE. Allows clinicians to capture images in tissues that generally disappear too quickly for accurate MR imaging. This enables imaging of anatomy such as the lungs, helping providers obtain information to diagnose and treat their patients. Allows clinicians to evaluate connective tissues with very short echo times such as tendons, ligaments, and other osteochondral structures.

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Vantage Elan - 9

Taking cardiac imaging to new heights T1 mapping MOdified Look-Locker Inversion recovery (MOLLI) sequence Expand your cardiac toolset with T1 mapping, allowing you to acquire a much more quantitative characterization of myocardial tissue. T1 mapping utilizes a MOLLI sequence, enabling the acquisition of a full T1 map within a single breath hold. Vantage Elan offers comprehensive applications for cardiac examinations such as MOLLI, PSIR, and T2* mapping, to help cardiologists and radiologists improve their workflow and patient comfort. Phase Sensitive Inversion Recovery (PSIR) PSIR in the...

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Vantage Elan - 10

Workflow-driven applications making your work easier An advanced image processing environment provided on Vantage Elan is designed to work with Olea advanced image processing through the Vitrea™ workstation. Vitrea multi-modality workstation The Vitrea workstation is the foundation of our advanced visualization. It includes 2D, 3D and 4D viewing with stitching and subtraction, 3D analysis for vascular and organ post-processing along with basic export and reporting tools. The advanced applications provide access to enhanced clinical routine tools including Diffusion, Perfusion, Curve Kinetics...

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Vantage Elan - 11

Efficient design to meet your needs One of the smallest MR systems in its class with a minimum footprint 4 of 23 m2 The extremely compact design allows for a more streamlined installation to reduce down-time.3 Vantage Elan does not require a separate computer room. In addition to the reduced system size, the installation method, cooling method, and control cabinet have been innovatively redesigned. The overall installation area is approximately 29% smaller than previous 1.5T systems.5 4 The minimum footprint may not be applied to some cases depending on each site situation. This footprint...

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Vantage Elan - 12

Resource conscious Eco mode, reduce cost with lower power consumption. Total power requirement of 25 kVA Vantage Elan is designed to achieve reduction in power consumption through optimization of the gradient system which typically consumes a lot of electric power, integration of electronic components, and improvement of the chiller. The power capacity required for the entire system including the refrigerator is 25 kVA. This results in significantly lower running costs. Reduction in power consumption with Eco mode Vantage Elan's Eco mode reduces power consumption to minimize system operating...

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