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Aesthetic Medicine

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Application Areas Face Facelift The most important electromedical innovation of the last decades Second Generation PLUS Tecartherapy Tecartherapy - Deep Hyperthermia - Diathermy Abdomen Reduction and how it can help me Cartridges Cellulite Buttocks Reaffirmation Legs Lymphatic Drainage

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Aesthetic Medicine Post Aesthetic Surgery In post-cosmetic surgery, hematoma resorption is accelerated to a third, and reducing pain&inflammation starts already since the very first application. On cutaneous level, the skin regenerates faster and skin imperfections dim and disappear. HYPERPIGMENTATION LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE WRINKLES FLUID RETENTION ABSORPTION OF HEMATOMAS SCARS ACCELERATION OF RECOVERY AFTER SURGERY FIBROSIS & ADHESIONS Cellulite & Reaffirmation How it works Capenergy Tecartherapy acts through the contact accessories on the surface of the skin and transfers its energy in the...

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