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Increased veterinary care

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Quality Veterinary Physiotherapy Electrotherapy in the service of animals • Animals also suffer from diseases and pathologies. Using the knowledge gained in the treatment of human diseases with the CIM equipment, now we introduce this technology in the field of veterinary physiotherapy. Whether for the treatment of small animals like dogs and cats, as for big animals which compete, such as horses, the application of TECAR Vet tecartherapy device makes a difference. • In this catalog, we summarize the existing therapy options and available technology to accelerate the biological processes of...

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Physics produces a potent biological effect

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Condenser Field Effect See how it works • The biological effect of the devices are based on a series of physical phenomena also based in “condenser effect”. Let’s explain you how it functions from graphics that symbolise the human body: Current produces beneficial effects • When an alterning current is applied among the armors of a condenser, each dialectric point between the armors acquires an alternative and variable tension. • Any molecule included between the space of both armors polarizes, and moves according to the electromagnetic loads detected. Thus it forms a dipolo (a particule...

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The animal body is a sum of condensers • It is possible to say that a condenser, the TECAR Vet device, is applied to an alive being (the animal body), who is formed by a series of internal condensers: the cells.. The cell, the first condenser Capacitive effect VS Resistive effect • The physical characteristics of the emitting element of the current are determined in order to obtain a biological priority effect on a tissue or other. While the isolated elements (capacitives) reduce the current flow and concentrate the charges on the surface, the non isolated elements, or metal, generate a...

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The movement produces communication • The electric balance of the cells and the displacement that characterizes the matrix are indispensable for the organism health. Through this continuous movement of electric charges, TECAR Vet achieves its biological effect: informations pass through the matrix, and reach the cells receptors. This is due to the condenser field effect. What does the animal perceive in capacitive or resistive? The perception of the animal when in capacitive or in resistive differs. The sensation of the capacitive format is most noticeable in the muscles and is highly...

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Wide range of accessories

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Capacitive • The capacitive accessories enable both a therapeutic treatment as a diagnostic. Resistive • The resistive accessories enable a deep action, and focus the current on the passive plate. Highly effective accessories The current is projected into the body through a transmitter and a receiver element. In the case of bipolar accessories, both components are integrated in a single handpiece. TECAR Vet devices have a wide range of applicators: mobile capacitive accessories, resistive mobile accessories, mobile bipolar accessories, capacitive automatic plate accessories and automatic...

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Capacitive Technique

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The physics • The "capacitive effect" comes from the English word "condenser". • This effect produces an increasing process of potential difference of the membrane, translated into a major cellular energy. • Adequatlely dosed, this physics principle is very beneficial. The biology • The capacitive accessories, the ones covered by an insulation, concentrate the electric charges just below where they are applied. • The sensation of application is perceived in the surface of the skin. • Recommended for tissues rich in water. Mobile application • The mobile capacitive electrode is located...

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Resistive Technique

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The physics • The "resistive effect" comes from the English word "resistance". • This effect produces a strong energetic injection, because the contact accessory has a non isolated covering. • The transmission has to be dosed properly. The biology • The resistive accessories, the ones that lack isolation (metal-ics) concentrate their charges inside the body and in the return plate. • The sensation of application is less inside the body and higher on the return plate. • Recommended for tissues poor in water. Concentration of the flow lines • The resisitive accessories concentrate the flow...

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More surface, more energy

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Technological advance • The innovation of the automatic treatment supposes an access to the 2nd generation devices. • This technology brings a lot of benefits, both operative as therapeutic for the animal and the veterinary clinic. • It leads to new treatments, not reproducible with manual electrodes. More surface • The wide surface of plates project more current in less time. • The multi channel technique enable you to work nearly all the body, if necessary. • As operators, you may enjoy of more time in order to provide a more satisfactory assistance. Adaptation • The automatic plates are...

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Bipolar technique: suitable for small animals

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The Physics • Bipolar technique describes how the emitting element and receiving element are held in the same handprobe. • By having an insulating element, a capacitive effect occurs. • The current exists from one area of the handprobe, and returns to it through the receiving area. The Biology • The depth level of energy transfer is smaller because it is concentrated immediately below the hand-probe. • The security of the bipolar electrode is the largest of all fittings, because it eliminates the risk of return current through the metal plate. • Indicated for the water rich tissues....

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