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Uro-Gynecological Tecartherapy

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Tecartherapy The Capenergy Tecartherapy device is a new medical technique with application in various health sectors. Its results stand out for its speed and efficiency beyond where other techniques fail. Deep action of hyperthermia or diathermia explains the use of Capenergy in their different fields of action. Consult your healthcare professional in this center and request a personalized treatment for your problem. The most important electromedical innovation of the last decades Second Generation PLUS Tecartherapy Capenergy medical devices are second-generation tecartherapy or diathermy appliances, which generate an increase in the internal temperature of the tissues, and mobilize fluids, according to the power applied. Uro-Gynecological Tecartherapy Physiotherapy Capenergy devices generate totally controllable high frequency (0.8, 1, 1.2 MHz) currents through different isolated & non isolated accessories. In both cases, be it with metallic or isolated electrodes, the body produces a series of physical phenomena based on the “condenser effect”. The physical characteristics of the current emitting element make a difference to obtain a biological priority effect on a target tissue. The isolated elements (capacitive) concentrate the charges on the handprobe on the nearby tissues. Capacitive Electrode Regulations Medical Device. Notified Body CE 0120. Directive 93/42/EEC. EN 60601-1:2008 - Medical electrical equipment - Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance. EN 60601-1-2:2008 - Medical electrical equipment - Part 1-2: General requirements for basic and essential performance - Collateral standard: electromagnetic compatibility - Requirements and tests.

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The rehabilitation objective in pelviperineology is to seek pelvic balance in all systems: osteoarticular, myofascial, muscular, and organic. Through this endocavitary, trasperineal and transpelvic  approach and the energy input delivered by the Capenergy 500 unit, the balanced stimulation of both  collagen and elastin is encouraged. Capenergy 500 is a highly specialized device for the uro-gynecological physiotherapy professional. This machine includes an intracavity handprobe which allows the opertator to treat a series of pathologies with a vaginal or rectal approach, delivering the exact...

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