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Vaginal Rejuvenation

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Vaginal Rejuvenation Vaginal Rejuvenation The C500 is a radiofrequency device that treats “Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome”, based on the capacitive-resistive electric transfer technique. This machine is used to treat the loss of the optimal structural shape of the vagina and the consequent muscular laxity, employing an intracavitary and extracavitary approach. Restore firmness to your pelvic floor This type of complaint is associated with the vaginal cavity being stretched excessively during childbirth. It is also part of the natural aging process and is sometimes linked to a genetic factor. A high percentage of the female population is currently affected by it. This malady can have serious consequences, from changes in sexual stimulation and the loss of self-confidence to urinary incontinence. Tecartherapy - Radiofrequency - Diathermy The only device with intracavitary applications Until now, it has only been possible to treat vaginal relaxation syndrome through surgery. This involved possible side effects and the risk that is always present in surgery. With C500, we can achieve the same results as with invasive treatments, and even better ones, without infection or the need for post-surgical convalescence. Applying C500 enables the vaginal canal to be tightened, as the result of stimulating the collagen in the endopelvic fascia, which leads to thermal tightening and firming. This process enables the vaginal canal to recover its optimal shape and strengthens its tissues and muscles. Vaginal rejuvenation achieved by applying the C500 device makes it possible to obtain greater sexual satisfaction and a significant improvement to quality of life. Manufacturer's guarantee Certified company In order to determine how many sessions are required, an appropriate heath evaluation has to be performed, in accordance with the patient's age, the specific conditions of their perineum and the presence of any possible obstetrical traumas. The number of recommended sessions to obtain a significant improvement to the vaginal canal and in sexual relations is between three and ten sessions, each lasting 30 minutes. Distributor's stamp Maximum effectiveness for the patient. Maximum ergonomy to correctly access the entire vaginal canal. External control of the direction of the device inserted into the cavity. Optimal size to treat both deep pelvic planes and surface ones, because the head has different, separate uses. • Temperature monitoring at a certain point. • Maximum safety. CAPENERGY is a registered trademark. 8764409 EM

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Innovative technology C500 is the only device on the market that allows a 360° approach to the vaginal plane. Using external accessories, professionals can treat the perineum and adjoining regions. Using the internal accessory for the MJS intracavitary device, patented by our laboratories, professionals can achieve direct impact on intimate muscles, through the mucosa. • With the capacitive accessories, water-rich tissue can be treated and penetrated with hyaluronic acid, to improve hydration in the perineum. • With the resistive accessories, it is possible to treat water-poor tissue and...

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