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Rondo CAPPRondo is a unique line of benchtop instruments covering centrifuges, mixers, vortexes and stirrers. Designed with space optimization and user friendliness in focus, and based on the most recent technology, together with years of know-how in liquid handling, CAPPRondo instruments are maintenance-free and ideal for long runs. The original, fresh red colour brings life and contrast to any laboratory environment and the elegant Danish design both pleases the esthetical perception, and provides unique user-friendly and user-safety features. Achieving a quiet and reliable operation is...

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CAPPRondo Microcentrifuge CAPPRondo Mini-Centrifuge CAPPRondo Refrigerated Centrifuge Expell and Expell Secure Microcentrifuge Tubes Expell PCR Tubes and Plates CAPPRondo Clinical Centrifuge CAPPRondo Clinical Centrifuge CAPPRondo 3D Shaker CAPPRondo Tube Roller CAPPRondo Tube Rotator CAPPRondo Vortex Mixer BluCapp Centrifuge Tubes CAPPRondo Platform Shaker CAPPRondo Magnetic Stirrer CAPPRondo Hotplate Stirrer CAPPRondo Single Plate Shaker CAPPRondo 4-place Plate Shaker CAPPWash Microplate Washer

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CAPPRondo Microcentrifuge has a lot more to offer compared to the basic microcentrifuges available in the market. It is available in two options, where the CR-68 is the basic version with fixed speed of 6.000 RPM/2.000g and the CR-68X is the advanced version with programmable speed of up to 6.000 RPM/2.000g and a timer function, all operated by two buttons and a digital display. Additional features and benefits include: • 8 slot closed rotor for quiet and powerful operation • Quick operation by simply closing and opening the lid • Electronic safety brake provides an immediate stop on lid...

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CdPP Rondo HIGH SPEED MINI-CENTRIFUGE CAPP Rondo Mini-centrifuge is designed to be an easy-to-use, high performance mini-centrifuge in a modern and attractive form equipped with maintenance free drive. It accelerates up to twelve 1.5/2.0mL mini-centrifuge tubes to a max speed of 15.000 RPM (RCF: 15.595 x g) enabling to process samples rapidly. Routine runs, such as spin column preparations can be carried out with a minimum of time and effort. This compact centrifuge is also cold room and fume hood compatible. Lid lock safety and imbalance detection features ensure utmost safety during...

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CdPP RondoHIGH SPEED REFRIGERATED CENTRIFUGE CAPP Rondo High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge operates with the maximum speed of 17.000 RPM, corresponding to 27.237 g. It's an ideal centrifuge for molecular and cellular applications, such as ethanol precipitation, phenol extraction, NA preparation, cell collection or spin-down of temperature sensitive reaction mixtures. CAPP Rondo High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge offers a maximum rotor capacity of 30 microtubes (18 microfilter tubes or 64 PCR tubes). Its operating temperature range is from -20°C to +40°C. The samples are cooled down to...

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CR-17-24 Fixed angle rotor of CR-1730R for 24 x 1.5mL / 2.0mL microtubes. 45°, Hole diameter 11.1mm, Max. height for tube fit 52mm. Supplied with O-ring sealed. Fixed angle rotor of CR-1730R for 30 x 1.5mL / 2.0mL microtubes. 45°, Hole diameter 11.1mm, Max. height for tube fit 52mm. Supplied with O-ring sealed. CR-17-18 Fixed angle rotor of CR-1730R for 18 x 1.5mL / 2.0mL    i microfilter tubes. 45°, Hole diameter 11.1mm, 1 Max. height for tube fit 65mm. Supplied with O-ring sealed. Fixed angle rotor of CR-1730R for 12 x 5mL for screw and snap cap microtubes^ 45°, Hole diameter 17mm, Max....

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MICROCENTRIFUGE TUBES The exclusive design of EXPellSecure Microcentrifuge Tubes reduces the risk of accidental opening or popping off during intense centrifugation or heating. The hinged lid of EXPellSecure MCT provides reliable long term sample integrity, with a leak proof performance and a minimal sample loss due to evaporation during incubation or storage. CAPP EXPell and EXPellSecure MCT are manufactured from virgin PP, out of the finest molds available. Safe Click Lock Features: • One-handed open/close operation • Perfect sealing and evaporation protection • Polished interior to...

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CAPP EXPell PCR line comprises of 0.1mL and 0.2mL tubes with plug caps, strips of 8 tubes, strips, plates and optical adhesives. The V-shape bottom allows total sample recovery and the thin-walled wells of polypropylene allow a very good transmission of temperature and minimize condensation. Ordering Information For standard PCR / qPCR thermocyclers that require regular profile 0.2mL tubes Cat. No. 5100200C 5100201C 5100210C 5100211C 5100212C 5100213C 5100214C 5100216C 5100450C 5100451C Description ExpellPlus PCR tubes 0.2mL, low-binding, bag, 20x1000 pcs. Expell PCR tubes 0.2mL, bag,...

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CAPP Rondo Clinical Centrifuge is a compact and reliable low-speed centrifuge, ideal for blood centrifuge applications involving volumes below 15mL. It stands out in its category for having great features that allow a reliable performance, ease of use and safety. Ease of use: Rotor capacity of up to 8 x 15mL tubes on a fixed angle rotor • Adaptors included to allow usage with most standard collection tubes: 5mL, 7mL, 10mL and 1.5mL / 2.0mL • Large digital display. Timer setting of 0.5 to 30 minutes • Only one click to change from RPM to RCF Reliable performance: • Smart air flow design...

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CLINICAL CENTRIFUGE CAPPRondo Clinical Centrifuge has a maximum speed of 4.000 RPM. Three types of rotor are available: two fixed angle rotors for 8 x 15mL or 16 x 10mL tubes and a swing-out rotor with a capacity of 6 x 10mL tubes. Following CAPP’s technology, the centrifuge is equipped with a robust brushless DC motor, which is ideally suited for extended runs and provides a maintenance-free, long-lasting and quiet operation. CAPPRondo Clinical Centrifuge offers variable speed settings with precise increments of 10 RPM, starting from 500 up to a maximum centrifugal speed of 4.000 RPM. With...

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