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CAPP CATALOGUE 2020/21 - 2

Symphony of Precise Measurements The intricacy of the science world is reminiscent of a music performance. As in music, a masterpiece performance calls for accuracy in each note played - in science, the precision of measurements used in research can lead either to a great discovery or a fruitless quest. CAPP recognised this at the earliest stages in its development and committed itself to only one task - designing pipettes that will be the most precise instruments in the industry, without compromise. By introducing adjustable volume pipettes that can also be used with removable fixed volume...

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CAPP CATALOGUE 2020/21 - 3

Index ecopipette CAPPSolo Single Channel CAPPBravo CAPPAero 96 CAPPSolo Multichannel CAPPAero 384 CAPPTrio Microbiology Accessories CAPPMaestro CAPPTronic CAPPTempo CAPPController CAPPRhythm CAPPR10 CAPPForte V. Pipette Tips Reagent Reservoirs Consumables 384 pipetting Retips Serological Pipettes Centrifuge Tubes Cryoboxes Cryotubes Microcentrifuge Tubes PCR Tubes & Plates CAPPRondo Benchtop Equipment Mini Incubator Mini Vortex Mixer Vortex Mixer Microcentrifuge Mini Centrifuge Universal Centrifuge High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge 44-place Refrigerated Centrifuge ttiB Clinical Centrifuge...

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CAPP CATALOGUE 2020/21 - 4

SINGLE CHANNEL PIPETTES The ecopipette is packed using recyclable, biodegradable materials and constructed from some of the most renewable durable resources available, to ensure an extended lifetime. CAPP ecotrade™ program: Return any brand of old pipettes in exchange for discounted new ecopipettes™. At CAPP, we will ensure an environmentally safe waste disposal of all old pipettes. Ask your favourite authorised CAPP distributor for more information about our ecotrade™ program. CAPP ecopipette™ Unique Advantages: • Lockable volume controller requires 50% fewer turns • Display is fully...

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CAPP CATALOGUE 2020/21 - 5

Ordering Information Kttpipette Starter Packs Cat. No. Description SK-03-E01 CAPP ecopipette Starter Kit including C10-1 / C100-1 / C1000-1 pipettes, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and 1 timer SK-03-E02 CAPP ecopipette Starter Kit including C20-1 / C200-1 / C1000-1 pipettes, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and 1 timer SKE-03-XX 3 pipettes free of choice, stand, 3 racks of tips and 1 timer ecopipette Variable Volume Pipettes Cat. No. Description C02-1S CAPP pipette, variable vol. 0.2-2pL, ecopipette 12.00 / 2.00 C02-1 CAPP pipette, variable vol. 0.2-2pL, ecopipette (length as C10-1) 12.00 / 2.00...

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CAPP CATALOGUE 2020/21 - 6

SINGLE CHANNEL PIPETTES CAPPSolo Single Channel Pipettes are cost effective and robust liquid-handling tools designed for academic, diagnostic and start-up laboratories with limited budgets. These pipettes meet industry standards of accuracy and precision, ensuring no compromises in all liquid handling protocols. The single channel pipettes are universally Plus compatible with CAPP EXPellPlus pipette tips and most common tip brands on the market. • Exchangeable colour inserts for easy visual identification of pipettes by user or volume capacities • Fine-tuned to ensure high levels of...

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CAPP CATALOGUE 2020/21 - 7

Ordering InformationCAPPSOO Fixed Volume CAPPSOlo Variable Volume Cat. No. Description Cat. No. Description S5-1F CAPPSolo pipette, fixed vol. 5pL S10-1F CAPPSolo pipette, fixed vol. 10pL S20-1F CAPPSolo pipette, fixed vol. 20pL S25-1F CAPPSolo pipette, fixed vol. 25pL S50-1F CAPPSolo pipette, fixed vol. 50pL S100-1F CAPPSolo pipette, fixed vol. 100pL S200-1F CAPPSolo pipette, fixed vol. 200pL S250-1F CAPPSolo pipette, fixed vol. 250pL S500-1F CAPPSolo pipette, fixed vol. 500pL S1000-1F CAPPSolo pipette, fixed vol. 1000pL S2000-1F CAPPSolo pipette, fixed vol. 2mL S2500-1F CAPPSolo pipette,...

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CAPP CATALOGUE 2020/21 - 8

PIPETTING OIPP ^r&vo SINGLE CHANNEL PIPETTES Manual pipetting has never been easier! CAPP has combined a lightweight ergonomic design with the latest innovations in manual liquid handling to create CAPPBravo, the most user-friendly manual pipette on the market today. CAPP Bravo Single Channel Pipette is constructed of the highest quality autoclavable materials and features feather-light plunger and ejection forces. There is a built-in oversized indicator for easy volume monitoring and precise adjustment. With the CAPPBravo Single Channel Pipette all of these features are packaged in a...

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CAPP CATALOGUE 2020/21 - 9

Ordering Information CAPPBravo Fixed Volume (customised volumes available on request) Cat. No. Description Inaccuracy % Imprecision % B01-1F CAPP pipette, fixed vol. 1µL, Bravo 2.50 1.80 B02-1F CAPP pipette, fixed vol. 2µL, Bravo 2.00 1.00 B05-1F CAPP pipette, fixed vol. 5µL, Bravo 1.20 0.80 B10-1F CAPP pipette, fixed vol. 10µL, Bravo 1.00 0.50 B20-1F CAPP pipette, fixed vol. 20µL, Bravo 1.00 0.30 B50-1F CAPP pipette, fixed vol. 50µL, Bravo 1.00 0.30 B100-1F CAPP pipette, fixed vol. 100µL, Bravo 0.70 0.20 B200-1F CAPP pipette, fixed vol. 200µL, Bravo 0.60 0.20 B500-1F CAPP pipette, fixed...

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CAPP CATALOGUE 2020/21 - 10

Easy and light tip mounting and ejection Excessive use of the thumb is a major cause of repetitive strain injuries and user discomfort in multichannel pipetting. The unique design of the CAPPAero96 Multichannel Pipette considerably reduces the thumb workload. Ejection is simply a matter of applying light pressure to the levered ejector arm. Thanks to the double O-rings on the aluminium and metal nose cones, the CAPPAero96 Multichannel Pipette eliminates the need to ‘hammer’ your pipette into the tip rack to secure the optimal tip mounting. You now need only to apply a slight even pressure...

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CAPP CATALOGUE 2020/21 - 11

Ordering Information CAPPAro 96 Multichannel Pipettes Cat. No. Description Inaccuracy % Imprecision % Colour

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CAPP CATALOGUE 2020/21 - 12

CAPPSolo Multichannel Pipettes offer industry-standard pipetting accuracy and precision in a very affordable package. Manufactured with budget-constrained customers in mind, these pipettes offer quick, reproducible pipetting without compromising on quality. CAPP Solo Multichannel Pipettes are supplied in 8-channel and 12-channel variants that are guaranteed to last long in academic, diagnostic and other comparable laboratories that require workhorses that can withstand extended usage cycles. Features: • Exchangeable colour inserts for easy visual identification of pipettes by user or volume...

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