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MAIL; INFO@CAPP.DK The LiquiMaster is a user-friendly, programmable workstation, designed to perform operations such as dispensing, diluting, pipetting and plate filling up to 5 times faster than conventional methods. Accommodating tubing sizes from 0.3mm to 4 mm, the LiquiMaster provides easy and high accuracy dosing for volumes ranging from 20ul up to l,000mL, and can store up to 25 different protocols. Available with different pipetting modules, the LiquiMaster workstation is an easy-to operate device. It eliminates tedious and time consuming laboratory work and has a built in auto-calibration feature. Ordering Info LiquiMaster - Liquid handling workstation Programmable high precision and multi funcitional workstation . Dosing range 60ul-l,000 ml. Includes Print and Memory option. Silicon tubing, 4 mm inner diameter; 1.6 mm wall thickness - 5 meters ' Filling needle, for 4 mm tubing Suction needle, for 4 mm tubing Pipette modules Handle for use with serological pipettes Additional Options Mini-robot for 96-well and/or 384-well plates

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