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Pipetting Instruments

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Pipetting Instruments

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Pipetting Instruments CAPP pipetting instruments cover a wide range of manual and electronic pipettes, available in single- and multichannel versions, as well as mechanical repeaters and motorized pipette controllers. The range of multichannel pipettes is divided into 96-well plate format suitable for 8- and 12-channel pipettes and 384-well format for use with the 16-, 48- and 64-channel pipettes. CAPP pipetting instruments combine innovation, robustness and precision. The unique features like interchangeable variable and fixed volume controllers, metal components, 48- and 64-channel...

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INDEX CAPPBravo Expell / ExpellPlus Compatibility List CAPPHarmony Compatibility List Consumables Overview CAPPRondo BenchTop Instruments Overview

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CdPP ^r&vo SINGLE CHANNEL PIPETTES Manual pipetting has never been easier! CAPP has combined lightweight ergonomic design with the latest innovations in manual liquid handling to create CAPPBravo, the most user friendly manual pipette on the market today. CAPP Bravo is constructed of the highest quality autoclavable materials and features feather light plunger and ejection forces. There is a built-in oversized indicator for easy volume monitoring and precise adjustment. With CAPP Bravo all of these features are packaged in a modern, streamlined, world-renowned Danish design. Experience...

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Ordering Information CAPPBravo Starter Packs Cat. No. SK-03-BB Description Three pipettes free of choice, C-05 stand, 3 racks of tips and 1 timer Description Pipette stand for up to 5 pipettes Description CAPP pipette, variable vol. 0.1-2µL, Bravo CAPP pipette, variable vol. 0.5-10µL, Bravo CAPP pipette, variable vol. 2-20µL, Bravo CAPP pipette, variable vol. 5-50µL, Bravo CAPP pipette, variable vol. 10-100µL, Bravo CAPP pipette, variable vol. 20-200µL, Bravo CAPP pipette, variable vol. 100-1000µL, Bravo CAPP pipette, variable vol. 1-5mL, Bravo CAPP pipette, variable vol. 1-10mL, Bravo...

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SINGLE CHANNEL PIPETTES The ecopipette is packed using recyclable, biodegradable materials and constructed from some of the most renewable durable resources available, to ensure an extended lifetime. CAPP ecotrade™ program: Return any brand of old pipettes in exchange for discounted new ecopipettes™. At CAPP, we will ensure an environmentally safe waste discharge of all old pipettes. Ask your favourite authorized CAPP distributor for more information about our ecotrade™ program. CAPP ecopipette™ Unique Advantages: • Lockable volume controller requiring 50% fewer turns • Display is fully...

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Ordering Information SCOpipette Starter Packs Cat. No. Description SKE-03-XX 3 pipettes free of choice, stand, 3 racks of tips and a timer ^ecopipette Variable Volume Pipettes Cat. No Description    Inaccuracy % Imprecision % Colour ecopipette Fixed Volume Pipettes CXXX-1-YYY Other fixed vol. pipettes (xxx=max pipette volume; yyy=desired volume)

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M U LT I C H A N N E L P I P E T T E S Easy and light tip mounting and ejection Excessive use of the thumb is a major cause of repetitive strain injuries and user discomfort in multichannel pipetting. The unique design of the CAPPAero96 Multichannel Pipette considerably reduces the thumb workload. Ejection is simply a matter of applying light pressure to the levered ejector arm. Thanks to the double O-rings on the aluminum and metal nose cones, the CAPPAero96 Multichannel Pipette eliminates the need to ‘hammer’ your pipette into the tips rack to secure the optimal tip mounting. You now need...

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CdPP OrigamiREAGANT RESERVOI RS Use your reagent most efficiently with CAPPOrigami Reagent Reservoirs. The CAPP&ugmi represents a new way of thinking when it comes to reagent reservoirs. The stiff architecture procure a consistently sharp V-shape reservoir. This makes pipetting easier and assures an efficient use of the reagent. They are packed, shipped and stored as flat sheets. To use the reservoir, simply flick it up by pushing the sides together. This environmentally and storage friendly product will save bench space and money. Ordering Information Reagent Reservoirs: CAAPP£hig*m?™ 30mL...

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For tips' compatibility with other pipette brands, please contact info@capp.dk CAPP Bravo, ecopipette and CAPPAero single channel pipette CAPP electronic pipettes and CAPPAero multichannel Biohit eline, mline, Proline Plus Brand Transferpette, Transferpette S, Transferpette Electronic Eppendorf Reference, Research Plus Finnpipette Digital Gilson Pipetman Rainin Classic, universal shaft (non LTS) VWR, Labnet, HTL mechanical pipettes

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and C O M PAT I B I L I T Y C H A R T For tips’ compatibility with other pipette brands, please contact info@capp.dk © 2015 CAPP ApS. All rights reserved,CAPP Bravo, ecopipette and CAPPAero are trademarks of CAPP ApS. eline, mline and Proline Plus are trademarks of Sartorius Biohit Liquid Handling Oy.Transferpette is a trademark of BrandTech Scientific Inc. Eppendorf Reference and Eppendorf Research Plus are registered trademarks of Eppendorf AG. Finnpipette is a trademark of Themno Fisher Scientific Inc. Pipetman is a trademark of Gilson,Inc. Rainin Classic is a trademark of Mettler-Toledo...

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CdPP TrioTRI-VOLU ME PI PETTES As the only pipette manufacturer that offers pipettes with detachable volume controllers, CAPP introduces a ready-to-go pipette set which includes three fixed volume knobs. Highlights: • Quick volume switch: 3 fixed pipettes in 1! • Ideal for routine work • Customizable Volume Selection • Fully Autoclavable Ordering Information Cat. No. Description    Inaccuracy % Imprecision % CXXX-T    Capp Tri-volume pipettes, Custom Set

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SINGLE CHANNEL PIPETTES CAPPMicrobiology Pipettes are ideal for microbiology tests in the food industry. This pipette is supplied with three fixed volume knobs at 100µL, 900µL and 1000µL and has a modified tip cone suited for use with a sterile extended length straw. This allows further reach and pipetting of viscous liquids such as milk, cream, yoghurt and cosmetics. CAPPMicrobiology Pipettes are ideal instruments for protocols involving dilution of 1:10. Highlights: • Extended Reach • Rotation Free Volume Selection • Pre-set Calibrated Volume Controllers • Fully Autoclavable • Customizable...

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