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Streamlined Counting Plus Verification Kirby Lester KL1Plus Assurance against Rx filling errors for all medications, including narcotics. • Bar code scanning provides verification for all ispensed d medications (tablets, capsules and unit of use). KL1Plus software alerts the technician to a mismatch. • Orders are verified and filled in less time than traditional hand-counting; average 30-count Rx verified, counted and poured into patient vial in 10.6 seconds. • Filled orders can be retrieved quickly to validate quantity and time of each dispense. • Updated! Inventory management software provides an electronic C-II log and browser-based reports, replacing 3-ring binder. With the KL1Plus, your patients receive the right medication, strength, and quantity every time. • Based on the unique KL1 tablet counter, the KL1Plus is about the same footprint as a counting tray. • Interfaces with your pharmacy management system (2-way interfaces available). National Study Automation by Capsa Healthcare Filling accurate orders is simple Step 1: Connect it Scan the patient’s Rx label. Scan the matching stock bottle (or unit-of-use item). KL1Plus alerts you to a match or mismatch. Narcotics double-count and stock bottle-check User login and tracking: Track who filled each prescription (optional fingerprint or I.D. badge scan). Inventory: Track inventory counts by UPC and total quantity; export as .csv. Ideal for perpetual inventory systems. Pour the exact amount of tablets /capsules through. An Rx Archive can be brought up, from 1 minute ago to 10 years ago. Partial fill management: Store IOU records to fill the following day. Tracks both fills. Indicate what’s filled by your robot: Show what medications are in your onsite pharmacy robot (any brand). Doublecount your robot’s controls/expensive meds on the KL1Plus. Scan-override: Allows for generic substitution during the filling process. www.CapsaHealthcare.com | 800.641.3961 ©2016 Capsa Healthcare

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Technical Specifications Kirby Lester KL1Plus • Function: Tablet counter with scan-verification and C-II log for retail and outpatient pharmacies • Verification: All medications (tablets/capsules and unitof-use) can be verified by scanning the barcode on the pharmacy label and then the barcode on the medication stock bottle/box • Medication Counting: Counts almost all non-translucent oral solid medication Automation by Capsa Healthcare • Dimensions: 14.6”H x 12.5”D x 8”W (37.1cm x 31.75cm x 20.3cm) • Top Funnel Diameter: 5.2” (13.2cm) • Weight: 9.65 lb (4.4kg) • Touch Screen: 7” WSVGA (1024...

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