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MX Series - Mobile Computing Medication Carts NEW MX Series Medication Workstation from Capsa Solutions. Improved Patient Care Through Improved Process. ► Improve clinical workflow efficiency by greatly streamlining the medication organization and distribution process ► Improve medication administration accuracy by taking the clinical process and med preparation ► Improve patient care through the consolidation of the electronic health records, medication verification, and med administration at the patient bedside • Open-platform to permit the use of an array of computing hardware including laptops, tablets, thin- client, all-in-one PCs, and small form factor PCs • Choice of flexible AC Power Platform or ultra- efficient DC Power Platform • Standard sealed-lead acid (SLA) or Lithium-Ion (LiFe) power cell technology • Fully-configurable using a wide selection of patient - Patient bins available in 4" and 6.5" widths, - Full-width storage drawers available in 3" and 6" - Sturdy construction and simple to clean • Keyless access with automatic relocking that permits up to 5,000 unique user codes • Effortless work surface height adjustment at the • Slide-out tray expands work and med prep area • Ergonomie features to ensure comfortable use across an array of set-up preferences • Easy-to-clean featuring antimicrobial protected • Full 2-year warranty on electronics and 5-year warranty on cart platform © Capsa Solutions, 2012 Form C-206

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Medication & Supplies Storage To optimize organization and the accuracy of medication administration, the MX Series offers the flexibility to configure the storage module in hundreds of unique designs. Whether using patient bins, drawers, or a combination of both, you can customize your MX Series storage to best meet your requirements. Power Platform The NEW MX Series Medication Workstation gives you the option to configure the cart with an AC Power Module or DC based system. • Accommodates Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) or Lithium Ion (LiFe) battery types • Easy-to-read LED battery status on...

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