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Practical Automated Dispensing Technology Capsa Healthcare is the only full-scale -- yet practical -- ‘Track & Trace’ medication management system. NexsysADC is the simplest, most secure system to fully control the onsite storage of medications and supplies, at a fraction of the price of alternative automated dispensing cabinets. You are assured a faster ROI without compromising safety, security, or operational flexibility. And your patients and clinicians benefit from having the right dose onhand at the exact time it’s needed. Main Cabinet NexsysADC is where automated dispensing meets...

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The Intelligent Choice for Stat Medication Dispensing The NexsysADC Difference • Full ‘Track & Trace’ Medication Security: Innovative solution to manage the restocking and access of controls and value medications, with built-in tamper-evidence and multiple layers of accountability and reporting. • Fast ROI Without Compromise: Your Capsa Representative will run a detailed analysis to show how how NexsysADC can be deployed in more facilities for broader control and higher customer satisfaction, compared to alternative ADCs. • Efficient Stat Dose/Electronic E-Kit Delivery: Eliminates manual...

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Guided Access With ‘CAM’ Technology NexsysADC uses “guided access” with illuminated indicators and on-screen prompts. This ensures the clinical staff knows the exact location of the requested medication. Guided access technology also directs restocking and inventory controls. The NexsysADC Controlled Access Module (CAM) Controlled Access Modules, or CAMs, are at the heart of NexsysADC operation for controlled and high-value medications. Now available in 3”, 6” and 10” depths. For medications held in a CAM, the CAM automatically opens, and the correct med cell is ID’d with a pick-to-light...

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Three Storage Methods for Meds & Supplies Controlled Access Modules (CAMs) Controlled and high-value medications are safely guarded in CAMs, to accommodate different medication sizes and quantities. 3” CAMs hold up to 25 individual cells, and deep 6” and 10” CAM Drawers hold up to 12 cells. (see p. 6-7). Open Cell Medication Bins Routine meds and non-controlled doses are efficiently managed in dividable open-matrix bins. Even here, guided prompts direct the clinician to the bin and med location. Bins can be set up to accommodate a wide variety of package types and sizes. Supply Drawers Bulk...

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Flexible Configurations Capsa Helps You Customize The Ideal Cabinet Every industry’s patient population and medication management needs are unique. That’s why NexsysADC was designed to be highly adaptable and scalable to suit any patient group, security level, and budget. Your Capsa Representative will run a detailed analysis to identify the ideal NexsysADC configuration. Ask about popular standard configurations for your industry. Start Here With These Popular Configurations ... Main Cabinet (10-Tier) Manage a Low number of controls + high number of routine meds & supplies Example Shown: 1...

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Flexible Configurations Some of the important factors that are considered when configuring a NexsysADC cabinet are: • Inventory to store in the unit, including quantity • Number of beds • Patient population/facility type • Intent of use (e.g., only controlled items, high value items, or for LTC only Stat/1st doses, electronic E-Kits) • Security level needs/options Or Let Us Design To Your Budget 4T Countertop Cabinet (4-Tier) 1-CAM • Up to 25 locking cells • Holds up to 150 SKUs 2-CAM • Up to 50 locking cells • Holds up to 53 SKUs 4-CAM • Up to 100 locking cells • Holds up to 100 SKUs Add 1...

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Management-To-Facility Medication Oversight Cloud-Based For Continuity NexsysADC is enabled by a robust cloud solution for superior information management and maximum uptime. Accessible from anywhere at anytime, the NexsysADC web portal provides access to all your system management functions. Facility Med Management & Control NexsysADC Cloud NexsysADC Software The NexsysADC operating system is so straightforward that management and clinical staff alike are quickly up-and-running. Clear Navigation • Flexible to accommodate multiple workflow models • Logical organization • Action List prompts...

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Interoperability Across Facilities All Systems Networked All essential patient medication transactions and administrative functions are captured by the NexsysADC system, such as access activity and user reporting, charge capture, and restock management. Capsa ensures the seamless and secure flow of information. Management System Interface Management System Interfaced With Your Management System NexsysADC interfaces with your management system with our robust 2-way Pulse Interface Engine (HL7). Every step of the process is connected: • Patient Sync for true patient validation that reduces...

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Replenishment & Inventory Security You have complete oversight of the inventory inside each NexsysADC cabinet. This vital information is accessible 24/ 7, anywhere via cloud connection. • Full medications stock list • Meds near or below par level • Meds near or out of expiration Pharmacy Tiered Replenishment Process Option 1: Manual Onsite Refilling Pharmacy carries restock medications to the facility and replenishes onsite. The Restock function will guide the user to the exact placement of medications in either a CAM or a medication bin. Manual Onsite Refilling Option 2: Prestock (Maximize...

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An Intelligent Investment NexsysADC delivers an accelerated ROI in months, not years. Here are just a few ways NexsysADC improves revenue flow, eliminates unnecessary expenses, and from Day 1 becomes an indispensable part of your medication management strategy. • NexsysADC eliminates courier runs for Stat/1st doses - that saves an average of $108 per run. • NexsysADC saves FTE time - since 7 out of 8 LTC pharmacies need a staff member to fill Stat doses at least some part of each day. • NexsysADC can increase your charge capture by 75%, while reducing costs associated with stat doses by...

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