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ROBOTI CAPSAHEALTHCARE •$:> Kirby Lester • Automation by Capsa Healthcare Kirby Lester KL60 Kirby Lester KL100

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Kirby Lester KL60 & KL100 Robotic Dispensing Free up essential time for what’s important at your pharmacy like value-based care, medication therapy management, and Star ratings. Capsa Healthcare provides Kirby Lester robotic filling technology, a true game-changer for retail and outpatient pharmacies that fill 200 or more prescriptions daily. Let the Kirby Lester KL60 or KL100 handle the bulk of the prescription filling so your staff can focus on important initiatives that directly affect profitability and customer care. • Choose The Model That Fits Your Workflow – During an onsite meeting,...

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Kirby Lester KL60 & KL100 Two Space-Efficient Models The Kirby Lester KL60 redefines pharmacy automation. Technology doesn’t have to be too big, expensive, or complex to yield dramatic workflow improvements and fast ROI. Automate only what makes sense. 60 medications equates to: • 35-40% (or more) of total daily prescriptions handled by the KL60 • Dramatic reduction in potential shrinkage/loss • Better inventory management of your most common medications • No “slow movers” that expire before dispensing Fit your pharmacy space • Less than 4’ deep, well-suited for tight floor plans •...

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Function: Automatically verifies, labels, counts, and presents completed prescriptions for tablets/capsules Dimensions: KL60 29"W x 44 5/8"D x 78 1/4"H; approx 945 lbs. installed; KL100 29"W x 58 1/3"D x 78 /"H; approx. 1,382 lbs. installed Number of Cassettes: KL60 has 60 drug-specific cassettes; KL100 has 100 drug-specific cassettes Pick-up Windows: KL60 has 6 pickup windows and slots for vial caps; KL100 has 9 pickup windows Power: Dedicated standard 115V, 60Hz, 15A power outlet; normal operation draws up to 300w/hour not to exceed 500w Printer: Direct thermal labels: 4" x 2", 1,200...

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