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Meet Trio. Superior ease of use, flexibility, and performance. PERSONAL ERGONOMICS Your newest partner in patient care. ergonomic adjustments of the work surface, keyboard, and monitor allow users to position for ideal comfort Capsa Healthcare is proud to introduce our newest generation point-of-care platform…the Trio™ Mobile slim workstation profile, lightweight design, and N-Stride steer assist make each step a little easier Computing Workstation. The Trio Computing Workstation is a design blend of GoLife™ scalable power platform to match your run-time requirements and provide workflow...

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takes the potential of dissatisfied users off the table and puts the assurance of proven performance in your corner FLEET MANAGEMENT ▶ Trio offers a modern version of our proven N-Sight Fleet Management software to improve asset utilization, maximize fleet performance, and identify potential issues before they impact clinicians Trio helps you throughout your shift. ™ Capsa Healthcare has refined the design of the most-proven computing cart platforms ever built, and taken the “no hassle factor” functionality to the next level with Trio. It’s simple to use with thoughtful tools built-in to...

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Superior Agility Simple maneuverability PERSONAL ERGONOMICS ▶ Personally adjustable for optimal user comfort including height adjustments and ‘memory’ presets that are stored in your user profile and transfer to any cart you log into N-STRIDE™ STEER ASSIST ▶ N-Stride minimizes user strain when pushing the cart through hallways; just engage the handle trigger and it’s smooth sailing Trio moves with you. ™ Providing clinicians with an intuitive and satisfying user experience to compliment their care routine is at the heart of the Trio platform’s design. With a keen focus on ergonomics,...

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Intuitive Power Power options SCALABLE POWER SYSTEM Trio offers flexible, scalable power options, all with safe, proven lithium iron phosphate technology to meet whatever runtime your facility may need. The NEW GoLiFe™ power platform offers a choice of stand-alone in-base power of 20, 40, or 50 amp hours. And in-base power can be combined with the GoLiFe swappable battery to provide over 30 hours of runtime. ▶ 20 amp base power for lightweight, light duty applications, provides 8 hours of runtime at 30 watt average usage amp base power for medium duty applications, provides 15-1/2 hours of...

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Fleet Management The NEW cloud-based N-Sight software features enhanced analytics to support optimized fleet utilization and simplified user management tools. We made it simple for clinicians with thoughtful tools that facilitate workflow and patient care. We then updated the software architecture to make it easy to manage, maintain, and update your cart fleet remotely. In total, N-Sight helps facilities improve asset utilization, maximize fleet performance and value, and help prevent issues before they impact clinical workflow. Optimize Your Fleet MAXIMIZE UPTIME AND AVAILABILITY ▶...

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Flexible Storage Storage options MAXBIN™ STORAGE SYSTEM The NEW MaxBin Storage system offers an unmatched level of flexibility and security and provides ample storage for medication and supplies for any care environment. MaxBin supports both simple and complex medication administration or BCMA requirements. ▶ Higher capacity, more flexible storage system more capacity per row than standard width drawers with soft-close slides locking option for controlled medications and witness authentication security management Trio is configurable with a selection of standard drawers and bins in...

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MaxBin System MaxBin High Capacity Configurations Configure the Trio workstation with standard drawer and bin options in your choice of electronic locking or non-locking to meet specific workflow, storage and security needs. Available in gray or blue. The NEW MaxBin system provides storage for medication and supplies for almost any care environment. The MaxBin’s unique configurable design provides options for simple 1-tier up to expansive 3-tier designs. Sample Tier Configurations MaxBin Dimensions Trio with Standard Bins Trio with MaxBin System 6.375” Medium Deep Bin 12.75” Wide Deep Bin...

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Specifications & Options Accessories Customize Your Workstation Choose from a selection of accessories to configure Trio for an array of care applications, medication management, and procedure support. Specifications Footprint Starting weight (without battery) Monitor (center) height range Primary work surface size Expanded work surface Multiple Sizes Keyboard height range Work surface height range Access Pack Battery weights Wire Basket Notification Light Wrist Rest Color Options Printer Shelf Forked Scanner Holder Tablet Mount Multiple Options Scanner Base Plate Sanitizing Wipes Bracket...

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Superior Service & Support Our driving purpose is to ensure our customers are receiving the best service and support to maintain the uninterrupted delivery of healthcare. Why Partner with Capsa Healthcare? 250,000 Capsa point-of-care carts deployed worldwide INNOVATION ▶ Over 20-years of continual computing workstation development and evolution features that deliver tangible benefits to IT and proven software to support fleet management 55-point quality inspection to ensure first pass quality from the start bumper-to-bumper warranty approach to power system performance for maximum runtimes...

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Elevating performance, 4253 NE 189th Avenue Portland, OR 97230 Form C-545 ©2020 Capsa Healthcare

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