CarboFix Distal Femur Plates


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CarboFix Distal Femur Plates - 1

Continuous Carbon Fibers Reinforced Polymer Piccolo Composite® Nails & Plates Optimal Modulus of Elasticity Unparalleled Fatigue Strength • MRI/CT - Artifact Free • Essential in Radiation Therapy Plates: No Cold - Welding Common Sizes & Surgical Technigue

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CarboFix Distal Femur Plates - 2

Proximal Proximal Humerus Humerus Humerus

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CarboFix Distal Femur Plates - 3

Clear visibility Clear visibility MRI&CT: No artifacts through the plate through the nail Clear image of adjacent tissue Distal Fibula Plate Ankle Arthrodesis Nail Humeral Nail Improved modulus of elasticity Superior bending strength Unparalleled fatigue strength Cortical Bone CarboFix Titanium Stainless Steel Titanium Stainless Steel CarboFix Titanium Stainless Steel CarboFix * Performed on 4.5mm Diaphyseal Plates * Bending test: 1800N at SHz on 0 8.5mm rods

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CarboFix Distal Femur Plates - 4

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