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CarboFix "Piccolo" Distal Radius Plates

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Carbon Fiber Implants – Better Callus Faster1 CarboFix Trauma - Enhance your patient’s chance of healing • Modulus of Elasticity similar to cortical bone - Earlier callus formation - Potentially decreases complications such as stress risers etc. • Unparalleled fatigue resistance The Nail Meniscus in notch - Prolonged support for delayed union and oncology patients • Radiolucency - Enhanced reduction and screw placement - Better follow-up of fracture healing process • Essential in oncology patients • MRI/CT Artifact free • No cold welding or bone ingrowth - Facilitates easier hardware removal

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Carbon Fiber Implants - Better Callus Faster1CarboFix Trauma - Enhance your patient's chance of healing Immediate Post-Op 2 Weeks Post-OP 4 Weeks Post-OP ModulusOfElasticity Stainless Steel Titanium CarboFix Cortical bone The Modulus of Elasticity of CFR-PEEK mimics Cortical Bone2 Fatigue Resistance CarboFix CFR-PEEK implants have an Unparalleled Fatigue Resistance Tibial Carbon Fiber Vs. Titanium Nail3 Distal Femur Carbon Fiber Vs. Stainless Steel Plate' Non-Union Rate ’ Dr. B.Ziran - OTA 2017 2 Alok D Sharan, Simon Y Tang, Alexander R. Basic Science of Spinal Diseases Japee bothers...

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CarboFix Trauma - Clearly Better Orthopedics Essential in Oncology Trauma Surgery • Unparalleled fatigue resistance5 Conventional CarboFix • MRI/CT Artifact free - Allows precise follow-up and identification of local recurrence6 - Improved radiation planning accuracy7 - Reduced radiation planning work time8 Negligible effect on radiotherapy dose distribution9 Metal CarboFix 51 y/o Low Grade Chondrosarcoma 5 EL Steinberg, et at. Carbon fiber reinforced PEEK Optima - A composite material biomechanical properties and wear/debris characteristics ofCF-PEEK composites for orthopedic trauma...

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Carbon Fiber Implants – Better Callus Faster1 CarboFix Trauma - Enhance your patient’s chance of healing

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Carbon Fiber Implants – Better Callus Faster1 CarboFix Trauma Products CarboFix Trauma CE marked& Sizes FDA cleared & - Portfolio CarboClear® Pedicle Screw Diaphyseal Prox. Humerus Prox. Humerus Distal Femur Distal Radius Distal Fibula Arthrodesis ** Non-CE Product

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Orthopedics Plates Carbon Fiber Implants - Better Callus Faster1 CarboFix Trauma - Portfolio & Sizes Nails Implant * Special Order ** Non-CE Product MANUFACTURED BY: CarboFix Orthopedics Ltd. 11 Ha'hoshlim St., Herzeliya 4672411, Israel Tel: +972-9-9511511 E-Mail: U.S.A. OFFICE: CarboFix Orthopedics Inc. 7183 Beach Dr SW Ste 1 Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469, USA Tel: 1-800-408-0120 E -Mail: EC AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE: MEDNET GmbH Borkstrasse 10, 48163 Munster Germany Patent protected CARBOFIX Orthopedics

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