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The Expandable Nailing Systems • An innovative expandable self locking nail. • Inserted in a reduced diameter. Expands up to 160% within the Medullary Canal. Reduced fluoroscopy exposure.

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Fixion® Nailing System Adapts to the contours of the Medullary Canal. No distal interlocking screws required. Fixation is achieved along the entire length of the nail. Reduced inventory as nail expandability covers a range of diameters. Available for Humerus, Tibia, Femur, Proximal Femur, Metacarpal, Metatarsal, Radius & Ulna. Interlocking Expandable nails are available for proximal and distal fractures. Fixion non Interlocking Humeral Nail Fixion Interlocking Retrograde Femoral Nail Fixion Dual Interlocking Tibial Nail The Fixion Nailing Systems have been clinically proven in tens of...

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Fixion® Proximal Femoral Nailing System Both nail and Peg expand within the bone. No distal interlocking screws. Oval shape of the Hip Peg reinforces rotational stability. Short and long nails available. Fixion PF Nail Expanded increases Bone Mineral Density around the Peg1 Steinberg E., Blumberg N., Dekel S.The Fixion Proximal Femur Nailing System: Biomechanical Properties of the Nail and Cadaveric Study.

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Femoral Nails E-mail: CAUTION: Federal law (U.S.A.) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of < MEDNET GmbH

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