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The BURDICK® Vision™ Premier Holter System Our top-of-the-line system for advanced Holter analysis Primary Users Physician practices, hospitals, cardiologists, and researchers Burdick Vision 5LR Digital Holter Recorder Primary Benefits Additional features. Includes everything our Vision product offers plus significant enhancements that do most of the categorization for you and allow a more thorough analysis. Easy analysis. Automatically categorizes Holter recordings into a comprehensive list of unique morphology forms. Burdick Vision 5L Digital Holter Recorder Accuracy. Studies using AHA and MIT standardized databases prove Vision Premier software is 99.95% accurate. Connectivity. Opt for industrystandard HL7 to enable communication between Vision Premier and various information systems including the suite of HeartCentrix® data management solutions from Cardiac Science. Flexibility. Advanced analysis tools like superimposition help isolate and identify arrhythmias. Customization. Gives you the flexibility to easily customize your reports and to set clinical limits according to your preferences and protocols. Confidence. With more than fifty years developing tools for cardiac diagnosis, Cardiac Science has the experience required for dependable results. For customers that need an advanced Holter monitoring solution, the Burdick® Vision™ Premier Holter System by Cardiac Science™ provides a powerful diagnostic tool. The Vision Premier system adds expanded viewing choices and a more comprehensive list of diagnostic tools to the easy-to-use Vision software. Advanced functionality for accurate diagnoses The Burdick Vision Premier software features advanced capabilities, including automatic categorization of beats, tachogram review, and full-disclosure viewing, providing the tools needed for even the most sophisticated analysis. ++ Vision Premier automatically categorizes the Holter information into 13 separate morphology forms, including normal, ventricular, paced, SVE, unknown, and artifact. ++ Software includes a category-specific histogram comparing frequency and severity for review of arrhythmia. ++ The program labels each abnormality in a 7-second diagnostic strip with classification, time of occurrence, heart rate, and beat annotations. Additional ECG-strip information can be inserted at any point. ++ On-screen displays allow review or editing either globally or by individual episode. ++ Vision Premier automatically analyzes ST changes in all three channels and adjusts the analysis for different heart rates. ++ The unique Tachogram Review marks atrial fib/flutter regions for review and printing, allowing quick identification of rate related abnormalities. ++ On-screen calipers allow for easy, precise measurements. ++ Patient diary time entries for coordination of results. ++ System provides a 30-second, compressed full-disclosure display. ++ Superimposition features a single or multi-beat mode complemented with a 30-second compressed full-disclosure review and RR interval plot.

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Proven accuracy for dependable results The technically advanced Vision Premier system is used by thousands of clinicians throughout the world. ++ Vision Premier provides comprehensive data collection and reporting for up to 48 hours of three channel ECG recordings. ++ Studies conducted using the Massachusetts Institute for Technology and American Heart Association databases found that the Vision system consistently delivers results with 99.95% accuracy. ++ ECG verification during patient hook-up ensures signal quality on screen before the patient leaves the office, saving time and...

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Choose among these system options to expand functionality A variety of optional software tools provide additional capabilities to meet specific needs. Heart rate variability software Arrhythmia review screen provides detailed analysis of the severity and frequency at a glance. HRV software analyzes regulation of the sinoatrial node, the natural pacemaker of the heart. It measures the balance between sympathetic and vagus nerve activity, providing an indirect measure of heart health. The Vision Premier Holter System performs data trending in both time and frequency domains allowing the...

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The BURDICK® Vision™ Premier Holter System TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ORDERING INFORMATION computer requirements operating system Processor Memory Hard drive Free hard drive space ARCHIVE MEDIA DISPLAY keyboard and mouse printer USB port (2.0 recommended) Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit versions) Intel 2.0 GHz or better 512 MB RAM or greater 80 GB or greater • 12 MB for the Vision Series application • 8 MB for electronic manuals (optional) • 250 MB for instructional AVIs (optional) CDR or CDRW drive 17 in (432 mm) or larger SVGA monitor and display adapter...

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