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BURDICK® Vision™ 5L and 5LR Digital Holter Recorders High-quality ECG digital recording with visual signal verification Primary Users Physician practices, hospitals, cardiologists, and research universities and institutes Primary Benefits Real-time ECG display. LCD displays real time ECG hook-up eliminating the need for test jacks and repeat tests. Ease of use. Easy-to-use five-button keypad to enter patient and test parameters. Convenience. The removable compact flash card lets you send out the recorder right away, without having to wait to download previous patient results. Speed. Fast data transfer to Burdick Vision or Burdick Vision Premier software for quick turnaround. Versatility. Integrated pacemaker detection lets you use the recorder even on patients with pacemakers. Accuracy. An ECG sampling rate of up to 1,000 samples per second (5LR only) captures even the smallest changes. The Burdick Vision™ 5L and Burdick 5LR Digital Holter Recorders provide high-quality 5- or 7-lead, 3-channel Holter recordings with a signal preview screen. Fast data transfer using a compact flash card frees the recorder for immediate assignment to the next patient. High sample rate for research applications The Burdick 5LR Recorder captures the patient’s ECG at 1,000 samples per second over a period of up to 24 hours. This allows detection of cardiac arrythmyias typically of interest to universities and other research oriented facilities. Visual verification of ECG tracing An easy-to-read integrated LCD display enables visual verification of ECG tracing. ++ Visually confirm good ECG signals before sending the patient home. You’ll get results the first time. ++ Reduces the number of re-tests and eliminates the need for test jacks. ++ Provides rhythm confirmation. Easy to use and easy to wear ++ Compact size makes it easy for patients to wear. Simple controls make it easy to use. ++ Use the LCD display to preview ECG rhythm or to confirm test settings and patient information. ++ Enter additional test parameters and patient demographics via the sample 5-button keypad. ++ Integrated pacemaker detection enables use on virtually any patient.

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BURDICICVisiorf 5L and 5LR Digital Holter Recorders A powerful companion to the Burdick Vision Premier and Vision Holter systems + Powerful software is easy to learn and easy to use. + The system delivers 99.95% accuracy when tested against industry-standard Massachusetts Institute for Technology and American Heart Association databases. + The result of more than 25 years of research, the system algorithms automatically identify abnormalities and compile all beats into appropriate morphology categories. + The QuickStep wizard provides a practical guide at every step of the analysis. +...

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